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Hey guys!  Every week on The Fandom Podcast we geek out about a different fandom, and we are committed to continually get better at it so that you can have a place to talk about your favorite fandoms.  We have come to a point where we need some hardware upgrades to make this a more enjoyable show for you.  In order to get there we need you to do your shopping!  Not for us (although won’t stop you if you want to :D)  From this point forward we are going to make an effort to find links to the things we talk about on Amazon. All of your purchases for the day that you use one of our links will help us to get one step closer to that goal.

Not all of the ways are monetary some are as simple as leaving a review in iTunes or sharing an episode with a friend.

You can also sign up for Audible using our Affiliate link or choose your books to get from Audible from Amazon using our affiliate link.

Other non monetary ways to help support us including educating people what a Podcast is and even help them subscribe to it on their iPhone, and Make sure that you Subscribe (make sure to look at the right on desktop and scroll down on mobile for links!)

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