TV Shows that were cancelled too soon

The future of the TV Show Agent Carter is on shaky ground now that Hayley Atwell has landed the starring role on another ABC Drama which has many worried that the show will be cancelled before being able to finish telling its story.  This week we discuss other TV Shows that were cancelled too soon, before they were finished telling their story. Be sure to send us the shows that you think that we missed!

Boy Wonder Trivia

Jeff is last week’s Winner!! Harry Potter’s first potion was a cure for boils
New Question: What century did the show firefly take place in?

Top News

Deadpool breaks R Rated Opening weekend records – We talk about the massive opening weekend numbers, some of the lengths that different theaters have gone to in order to keep children from seeing the movie, and the inevitable copy cat shows that are bound to come forth after this film’s success.

Filming of Star Wars Episode 8 has begun – Another week means another bit of Star Wars news.  Is it coming too fast? Could LucasFilm space out the news a little bit more? They could but we’re not sure we want them to.

11.22.63 Premiered on President’s Day on Hulu – Branden normally finds James Franco to be annoying but definitely recommends him when it comes to this Stephen King adaptation.

The Walking Dead Premiere and Spoilers – Spoilers abound!  Jeff, Amy and Branden talk about some of the big events that happened in this week’s show and how they are beginning to diverge from the comics.

TV shows that were cancelled too soon

Firefly, SG-U, Dollhouse, Almost Human, Terra Nova, Arrested Development, Young Justice, Veronica Mars, Samurai Jack (but it is coming back!!!!), Moonlight, Forever

Some of the things to be listening for are:  We take an unconventional approach when it comes to Firefly, we notice that there is one network that just keeps popping up on the list of cancelled shows and sometimes leaving a tv show dead is the better way to go because it is extremely difficult to capture lightning in a bottle.

Would you prefer that a canceled show get notice so that it can wrap up or continue at normal pace unknowing?

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