Continue Reading Episode 5 – TMNT – Nostalgia does funny things to your brain

Episode 5 – TMNT – Nostalgia does funny things to your brain

What time is it? Turtle Time! One week left to submit photos to our Online Cosplay Contest. Ready Player One gets a big name to direct, Marvel reveals its All New, All Different Avengers (Try Saying that 3x fast) and a Utah legend passes away. We all pick our favorite Ninja Turtle, TMNT video game, and incarnation of the characters, and then we take turns blasting our least favorite turtles, but its okay it looks like they are bullet proof….

March 25th 2015 comicbook review

Nightcrawler #12 Nightcrawler squares off against the warwolves while rescuing the kids.  The kids go on a mission to capture the boss who has been slave trading in kids.  They show that they know what it means to be an X-man.  With the warwolves defeated and the bad guys captured everyone returns home, putting a cap to the series that was announced last week it is 1 of the 33 being cancelled.  Overall I loved this issue because Claremont threw…

Episode 4 … Supplemental

So this week’s episode was cut short due to some technical difficulties. Basically my hard drive decided to stop, all I had to do was nudge it in finder and it started to work again, but we lost the first half of our recording. So because of that we decided that if we wanted to get our points out that we would post them here. Now I am going to preface this by saying that the conversation was much better…

Technical dificulties – Nathan

University of Utah Congratulations to the University of Utah and all they have accomplished recently. And a special congratulations to Athletic Director Dr Chris Hill. After some football coaching changes fans were calling for his job. But I think he has done an amazing job. He had a football team finish in the top 25, a top ranked, PAC12 Champions, gymnastics team, a basketball team in the Sweet 16, one of the top ski teams in the nation, and baseball…

Continue Reading Episode 4 – We Saved the Doctor

Episode 4 – We Saved the Doctor

This week after a technical difficulty we talk TARDIS. We ask Austin why he hasn’t watched Doctor Who yet, and muddy the waters by trying to explain to him the best way to do it. After we scare Austin away we talk about which we would rather be, The Doctor, or one of his companions. Don’t forget that our Online Cosplay Contest is still going on. Tweet us or use the hashtag #FandomCosplayContest to enter to win one of several…

March 18th 2015 comicbook review

Outcast #7 – It had been a while, so it took me a minute to remember what had happened. If you aren’t aware of Outcast it is written by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), drawn by Paul Azaceta, and colored by Elizabeth Breitweiser (who is amazingly nice). The story is just getting rolling and Kirkman is doing a great job of establishing a base for a great series. Overall this issue was basically a stage setter, the end of act…

Continue Reading Episode 3 – I Can Dunk at 8 Feet!

Episode 3 – I Can Dunk at 8 Feet!

This week we talk about ConMan, Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets, and Booth Babes. Then we put Han Solo on Trial for the Murder of Greedo, and we want you to be the Court of appeals. We also talk about SciFi inspired Technology, what we want to see next and we extend our cosplay contest! All this and more on this week’s Fandom Podcast!

Episode 3 – Show Notes

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk’s Con Man – Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets on Sale Password EXCELSIOR!- Cosplay vs Booth Babe – Greedo had a Dead or Alive bounty – General Self Defense overview –

March 11th, 2015 comics review

Thor #6 – This issue is more about The Odinson and how he is coping with no longer being Thor.  We see more of his list of possible “suspects”.  There is a very touching moment with Odinson and Jane Foster; after which he crosses her off the list.  Concerning Thor there are some small moments with Maliketh and Roxxon that pushes that arc of the series along.  It is important in the overall context of the series, but minor as…

Episode 2 – Gijinka

This episode we talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron, Who is the better pilot Wash or Han Solo, we get our Gijinka on with Kimi Ushio from Unroyalty Cosplay, and we have a Contest! Send us a picture of you in Cosplay for a chance to win a Prize! Twitter: @FandomCast Facebook: Visit ourShow Notes for links to the things we talked about