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May 27th Comicbooks Review

Black Widow #18 Natasha kills the head of Chaos, quits SHIELD, and lets her “lawyer” go; and that’s only the first half of the issue.  Natasha talks with the Avengers about coming back on the team.  Then she sails off with her cat.  Not alone, but not close to someone.  Cause no one can know her full story.  Just when it looks like the perfect end the last two pages give us another tease.  Overall this series has hit it…

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5/25 Show Thoughts-Movie Time!

We had a fun show on Memorial Day. A lot of great deals that I hope everyone took advantage of and a very exciting time for us as a podcast to have a sponsor. Although we are all very comfortable with each other and have been talking about these things for years amongst ourselves, I think that this may have been the first show in which we were really able to just let loose and have fun rather than feeling like…

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Episode 13 – The Never Ending Horror Story

Legends of Tomorrow gets a rumored time slot, Memorial Day deals and events that you won’t want to miss, Nintendo hires Bowser, and PacMan turns 35. Then it’s Summer time and that means it’s Movie season. Strap in and prepare for us to go through the movies that we are excited for this summer. After we talk about this summer we then talk about our favorite movie of all time (Some more than others!) Sponsored By: Links:…

May 20th Comicbooks Review

Convergence: New Teen Titans #2 Cyborg is kidnapped by Doom Patrol in hopes that they can use his power source to travel back to their time.  Starfire blames herself for not killing their leader when she had the chance.  Her and Nightwing argue over why she shouldn’t kill them.  When the team finds Cyborgs location an all out brawl ensues.  Starfire must decide if she is going to listen to instinct, or to Nightwing.  The earthquake that has affected all…

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Snape Trial … Inside Prosecution Baseball

VS On the May 18th episode we put Severus Snape on trial for the Murder of Albus Dumbledore. Let me start out by saying that in my heart of hearts I do not believe that Snape did anything wrong, which made it very hard to prosecute him, but that was the role that fell to me in this trial. Also if it isn’t apparent by my lack of ability IANAL (I Am Not A Lawyer)  My appreciation for Snape didn’t…

5/17 Show Thoughts

First and foremost, do not read if you have not listened to the episode! This is further commentary on the trial, so go and listen to the trial and then come back and read my thoughts. 

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Episode 12 – Dumbledore is Expendable

This week on The Fandom Podcast we talk about the future of Super Heroes on TV, and point out that both men and women can be hateful on the internet. After that its off to the courthouse as we put Severus Snape on trial for the murder of Albus Dumbledore. Was it Murder or was it Loyalty? An inevitable argument breaks out, and Nathan and Branden manage to get a few words in. Links Supergirl Trailer – Legends of…

Focusing on Mothers

Now that my semester is over and I have a bit more time, I would like to start sharing some weekly thoughts with you guys. Think of this as stuff you didn’t hear in the podcast. Whether it is something I forgot to mention, didn’t think of until after, or simply did not have time to cover it in the episode, I want to share my full thoughts with the fans. I will try to post this Monday of every…

Mothers in Fandom Draft Board

I am sorry I missed this episode.  But not wanting to leave you without my thoughts, here is my “draft board” for the mothers in fandom.  I am interested to find out who I got, and the others took.  Happy mothers day to all the moms out there, and espicially to my mom and my sister, love ya.  

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Episode 11 – Mother’s Day Draft

Happy Mother’s Day! This episode is dedicated entirely to the Mothers in our lives, and we even get one of them to make an appearance! We cover really quickly some news from this week and then jump right into our Mother’s Day Draft. We each draft three of our favorite Mothers from across the Fandomverse onto our team and only you can decide who will win.