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Episode 22 – Spoiler Alert!

Have you ever been scrolling down your Facebook News Feed and been hit square in the Face with a spoiler? How did you feel about it? Did it make you angry, or did you just keep going? We decide to cover spoiler etiquette and when can you just stop staying “Spoiler Alert!” Spoiler warning we don’t like spoiler warnings!

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July 22nd Comicbook Review

Grayson #10 Grayson flees the scene, leaving his partner behind.  The director tells him to make the drop as planned.  Agent 1 is able to get away from the scene and asks to go after Dick.  The director instead sends him on a mission in Italy.  At the drop site Grayson learns that he is supposed to make the drop to Lex Luthor.  He obviously doesn’t think this is a good idea, so he makes a dramatic exit.  Not knowing…

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Episode 21 – I’m Not a Guy in Hockey Pads

News: Good News Everyone! Salt Lake Comic Con has announced a big guest and we are excited about that, and Nate finds a twitter conversation where a celebrity announces her appearance before Salt Lake Comic Con does. Are you a Horror Fan? Maybe a fan of Reboots? Stephen King’s It gets a new director attached to it and DC really needs to learn from Marvel how to handle a leak. Sponsor: We will be having our Ender’s Game Book club…

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July 15th Comicbook Review

Moon Knight #17 There is a shelter bringing in homeless that has room for everyone.  The catch is those that come in just have to do their part.  Moon Knight investigates and finds that it is being run in the name of khonshu.  A creepy lady claims to be another disciple of the God of Night Travelers, but her interpretations are different.  Moon Knight says she is wrong, and he will stop her.  But if she is right in her…

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Episode 20 – Supernatural Super Show: Carry on my wayward fan

Sit down and Buckle Up you are in for a long ride on this. We cover the geek news and talk about the San Diego Salt Lake rivalry. Doctor Who is the latest franchise to be brought into the Lego Universe, and mark your calendars for September 19th when the new season of Doctor Who airs on BBC America. For our last bit of news we discuss whether or not Bill Murray announced that he would be coming to Salt…

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July 8th Comicbook review

Descender #5 The scrappers take Tim and the others to Gnish.  Driller, the bot dog, and the soldier are sent to the pits to fight for their lives.  Tim, the captain, and the Doctor Quon are taken to be tortured for information.  They want to know the secrets of the Tim-bots and the Harvesters.  But can Dr Quon tell them what they want before they torture him to much?  Overall this world keeps growing into something more and more interesting….

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Episode 19 – Why Does DC Hate America?

Happy Fourth of July! Lots of movie news this week, but after that we decide to keep to a patriotic theme, and who could be more Patriotic than Captain America? We talk about some of the different incarnations of Captain America and whether the Mantle is bigger than just one man. We answer the age old question, “Why does DC hate America?” and share our favorite Geeky parts of the 4th. Stay Tuned!

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July 1st Comicbook Review

Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #2 Two new kids, twins, move in to town.  Both Giant Size Little teams invite the new siblings to their secret club houses.  They aren’t very secret considering they are 10 feet away from each other.  Before brother and sister arrive the teams erupt into an all out brawl.  Overall this series is one of the funniest, kid friendly, stories to come out in ages.  I love Skottie Young’s art and storytelling.  If you are…