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Episode 27 – How Firefly Was Saved By Fox

Yes. Yes, this is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it… “This Land.” I think we should call it “your grave!” Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Many think that Fox betrayed Joss Whedon and Firefly, but in a way they actually created a cult following for the show.  On This week’s episode we talk about Firefly’s Martyrdom and how it created the passionate Brown Coats, and…

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August 26th Comicbook Review

I’m changing my format up a little.  As I learn more about what I’m doing with this review section I want to continue to adjust and improve.  Each week I put what issues I got in order I’m most excited to read.  From that I review the top 8.  This weeks review is my most diverse I’ve had with 2 Marvel, 2 DC, 2 Valiant, 1 Image and 1 IDW.  It was definetly a hard week to decide in what…

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Episode 26 – The Sweet Tones of Felicia Day

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Wait I mean listen! We put off our main topic for this week and do some extended headlines. We talk a lot about Salt Lake Comic Con’s announcements this week. Neon Trees are coming to the the Convention, Cosplay contest prejuding is less than a month away, heck the convention is now less than a month away. Buy your wristbands by Monday August 24 in order to have your credentials mailed to you, and…

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August 19th Comicbook Reviews

Silk #6 Silk is being tortured by her captor.  In an effort to keep him talking, while she tries to get free, he mentions her family.  Her Iinterest peaked she starts asking what he knows.  He divulges that people were watching her every move in the bunker.  Cindy frees herself, but before she learns anymore Black Cat busts in.  Felicia beats the guy, and causes the roof to colapse on him.  Silk is very POed that Black Cat ruined her…

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Bonus Episode 003 – Straight Outta Uncle

This past weekend Nate and Branden went and saw two movies and they thought they would share their thought about them. Branden saw The Man From UNCLE which was a lot of fun with a ton of throwbacks, and Nate saw Straight Outta Compton which told a compelling story while trying to remain honest and true to history. Let us know what you think!

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Episode 25 – How to Rebuild Civilization in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Holy cow it has been a crazy week. If you are a trekkie now is a good time to get your Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets!  Star Trek Continues will be having its world premiere at Salt Lake City Comic Con on Friday night and we are very excited about it, and for the Star Wars fan Disney didn’t disappoint, Star Wars Lands in Disney Land and World, Rogue One explained, and a whole ton of movies announced. Sponsor:

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August 12th Comicbook Review

Rebels #5 We join our hero, Mr Abbott, on the “Noble Train of Artillery” trail.  It is rough travels in the winter snows, and they are behind schedule.  Major General Henry Knox has a chat with Mr Abbott that results in Abbott telling him to stay out of the way, and his men will get the cannons to Boston.  When they arrive in Roxbury Massachusetts on January 25th they are relieved of the cannons.  Mr Abbott is asked to sign…

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Episode 24 – Building a Zombie Bug Out Bag

In the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse people will be doing a lot of things and preparing themselves in multiple ways, but we want to make sure that you are ready. We build a Zombie Bug Out Bag with some unusual items Sponsor: We then transition into Horror on TV and in the theaters. Right now there are a lot more horror stories than ever before. We discuss why that might be, the differences between the different Horror Sub…

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August 5th Comicbook Review

Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #3 The twins tour each teams tree house.  In the X-men tree house they go on an ice roller coaster, get fastball special-ed by Colossus, turned into mutants by Beast, and go through a training session in the Danger Room.  Then in the Avenger tree house they get de-mutated, visit Asgard, bypass Captain America’s workouts, and fail at operating Iron Man’s twin mind designed armor.  The explosion of the armor launches them into the sky…

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Episode 23 – How to Win War and Influence People

What happens when you take a bunch of prepubescent boys into outer space and train them in military tactics and Zero Gravity fighting? You get Ender’s Game. This week’s episode we talk about various aspects of this book such as how does the character’s age effect the book and is Peter really that bad? The unthinkable happens and Branden actually makes a Sports reference. In the News we talk about how the Salt Lake Comic Con keeps announcing big things…