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Bonus Ep4 – International Podcast Day 2015

September 30th is International Podcast Day.  Hey why not?  Pancakes have a day, talking like a pirate has a day, why can’t Podcasts have a day?  So Branden jumps into a fandom that makes the Fandom Podcast possible… Podcasts!  you get a little bit of history and then Branden tells you about his setup and what he listens to. And remember if you have a podcast that you love, make sure to share it

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Ep 31 – Nerd World Problems – SLCC Wrap UP

Salt Lake Comic Con has just wrapped up and Nate and Branden get a chance to go over some highlights and give their overall impression. Logistics with ZipQ, Lines, & RFID Con Man Panel Twisted Toonz / Voice Actors John Barrowman SLCC15 Hashtag Funko Pop Life Tour Cosplay Contest / Cosplay Booths World Record Celebrities on the Convention Floor

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Ep30 – 12 Panels not to miss at SLCC 15

Branden keeps talking about how Salt Lake Comic Con is three conventions in one and so in this episode we talk about one of those conventions, the Panels. We go through the panel and each pick four panels that we are excited for. We tell you what Salt Lake Comic Con says they are, what we think they will be, and why we are looking forward to them. Then we answer a quick question from a friend about what kind…

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Episode 29 – How to Survive SLCC

This episode we talk about how to survive Salt Lake Comic Con, but the principles that we talk about will be able to be applied to pretty much any convention. There are two types of people that listen to this podcast. The kind that is excited about Salt Lake Comic Con, and the kind that aren’t. We have good news for you though whichever kind you are, Salt Lake Comic Con is happening September 24-26 and so its just right…

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September 9th Comicbook Review

I am so stoked going into this week, but a little sad.  And it all stems from 1 issue.  This will be the last issue of Rebels which has been one of the best titles I have ever read.  I hope it lives up to all of the hype I just gave it.  I also get some of my current favorite titles this week; Outcast, Giant Size Little Marvel AvX, and Ninjak.  There were quite a few #1s this week,…

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Episode 28 – What Will We Tell The Children?

Fandom can be a powerful thing. Fandom has the power to encourage creativity, it allows us to explore difficult topics, and it has the ability to help us feel safe. In this week’s episode we discuss how Fandom and one of the most important events of our generation have joined together in both Good ways and Bad. In the News: Get ready for some Doctor Who! Alex Kingston aka River Song is currently filming the Season 9 Christmas special with…

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September 2nd Comicbook Review

So I have got to be honest: as I started looking through what is coming out this week (alphabetically) I was thinking, exasperated, “It is gonna be one of those weeks”.  By the time I finished the list, and my list subsequently, my attitude had changed.  Maybe I shouldn’t make preconceived notions while I am still in the B’s.  What I thought was gonna be a week of “I guess I gotta pick where to start.”  turned into “I JUST…