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A Geek’s Guide to Christmas – Episode 40

With the Holidays fast approaching we sit down and talk about some of our Favorite holiday media.  Whether it be a traditional story like A Christmas Carol that has been performed by many, or a new classic like Elf with so many quoteable lines, or Children’s favorites like Rudolph, The Miser Brothers, and Frosty the Snowman. If you would like to support us, please follow these links to shop on Amazon. Nik’s Media Picks A Nightmare Before Christmas Elf The…

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Hogwarts House Sorting – Episode 39

Here’s my theory. The Harry Potter trio are actually representations of the other houses. Hermione is Ravenclaw, Ron is Hufflepuff, and Harry is Slytherin. They’re all in Gryffindor because they asked. In fact, everyone in that house could have been in another houses if they hadn’t asked to be in Gryffindor. You have be ask to be in Gryffindor because their most defining feature is bravery, and anyone can choose to be brave. So what does it mean to be…

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What Is Fandom? Episode 38

Fandom is a word that is used by many in many situations, but what exactly is it? How has it helped your life and how can it bring joy into so many people’s lives? This week we jump into the subject of fandom and talk about some real life super heroes and heroic acts that people have been able to perform. Sponsor: Links Galore!

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37 – How to find like minded people

This week we bring on our contest winner Nik English to talk about the Chris Hardwick show. The conversation quickly turns into conversations about Doctor Who, Comic Con, and Josie and the Pussy Cats. Audible Book Recommendations Aeronauts Windlass Son of The Black Sword Top News: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them Star Wars Trailers and Spoilers New Star Trek coming and Cord Cutting See these and more stories on Flipboard

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36 – Lethal Weapon Thor

Captain Tripps, children, and life has hit our rag tag team of Podcasters but that doesn’t stop us from putting out a new episode.  This week we give you an extra large portion of the News ranging from the newest eSports Champions to the Monopoly movie deal.  But we know why you all really downloaded the episode we announce our Funcomfortable Ticket contest winner and Surprise! There are 2 pairs of tickets to give away!