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The Timeline of River Song – Episode 44

Hello Sweeties! Christmas Day has come and gone and all good Whovians knows what that means! It’s the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This year that special is named, “The Husbands of River Song” and so you’ve guessed it we are going to talk about the notorious Professor River Song and then after the Spoiler Alert goes off we will be talking about what we thought about this episode. Top News ( Star Wars the Force Awakens makes a billion dollars…

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Star Wars Spoiler Extravaganza – Episode 43

Star Wars Episode 7 came out on Thursday and in this episode we go full on Spoiler Zone.  DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS UNITL YOU HAVE SEEN Star Wars Episode 7.  You have been Warned!  And in order to keep you spoiler free these show notes will be extremely vague.  So in this episode we talk about some crazy fan theories, and talk about why we love this little space drama.  To help explain more of the finer points of this…

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Announcement: Star Wars Chat Group

In this world there are some things that we should let others experience for themselves.  One of the things is Star Wars Episode 7.  Come join us  at to discuss Star Wars without accidentally Spoilering your friends and family.  Let us know what you thought!

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A Younger Edgier Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 7 comes out in less than a week and so we spend some time nerding out about Star Wars. Did you know that George Lucas almost cast Freddy Kreuger? Or that Alec Guiness was not the first choice to be Obi Wan Kenobi? We talk about some of the actors and actresses that almost got cast and then committ Heresy by recasting the sacred works known as Star Wars. Who did Betty White get cast as? You’ll…

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Galifreyan Facebook – Episode 41

We live in a Golden age of media and three TV Shows just wrapped up that we dive into. We go full spoiler mode and talk about Doctor Who (23:15), Jessica Jones (52:39) and The Walking Dead (1:19:02). We could have probably dedicated an entire episode to each show, but wanted to get our reviews out for you. We talk about where Doctor Who comes from and where he’s going and how do Timelords keep track of who is who,…