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How to skip the Photo-Op Lines

From all accounts Celebrities can be hit or miss when it comes to personality, but we found a secret to getting through the photo-op line quickly and every  celebrity was extremely nice. This year we may have gotten a little Celebrity crazy at FanX, but we think it was worth it. Everyone that we talked to was so nice and engaging.  Write in and let us know your favorite Celebrity interaction story, and it doesn’t have to be limited to FanX, but…

Batman v Superman
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Batman is a Schemer – Batman V Superman

Batman v Superman – The age old debate There is a lot of hype right now about who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman due to a little motion picture that is about to come out called, well, Batman v Superman. So we decided to hash it out and come to a decision based off of real life comparisons. Is Superman overpowered, of course he is, but did you know that he has the power of “Super Ventriloquism?” You did…

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FanX Survial: Playing and Cosplaying

This is the last episode in the FanX Survival Series, and this week we will be talking about Playing and Cosplaying Tips at FanX. If you want Free Batman Vs. Superman tickets during FanX head over to and pledge to go to your caucus and have your voice heard and you get two free BvS tickets. Here are the Topics that are covered in this episode Play Lines Vendors Panels Meetups Celebrities Don’t Leave on Saturday Cosplay Test Run…

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Top 15 FanX Panels to check out!

With FanX around the corner we share our top picks for panels at the convention. We each pick five and do it draft style so that there are no repeats. We range from big celebrities to small niche subjects with everything in between. Boy Wonder Trivia: Last week what was the date and name of the first Doctor Who Serial to air? Answer: Clay Glad – An Unearthly Child, a four part serial that aired from Nov. 23 to Dec….

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FanX Survival: Planning

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Picture this you are a pilot that will be flying from San Diego to Salt Lake you might think that you were going for a relatively short flight, but there is still something that you would have to do, you would have to, you would have to file a flight plan. An effective flight plan limits risks, keeps the fuel consumption minimal and ensures an efficient flight sans unnecessary expenditures….

Every Child is An Artist
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Deliberately Creative – Episode 54

Geeks and nerds tend to be some of the most creative people out there but sometimes they just don’t realize it. If you wish that you could be a better artist or writer or other creative type then be sure to listen to this one. We talk about some of the ways that we channel our creativity in order to make the things that we do, and the number one tip is to just do it, but others include being…

FanX Survival Physical Preparation
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FanX Survival: Physical Preparation

It’s time for another FanX Survival Tip. Have you heard of Pheidippides? He was the first marathon runner in Greece, and oh yeah, he dropped over dead from exhaustion.  Lets try to avoid his fate when it comes to FanX.  At the last convention I walked over ten miles a day and so I got my Marathon in.  Here are some FanX Survival tips on physical ways to prepare yourself. Five FanX Survival Physical Preparation Tips 1. Cut out the…

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Fantasy Fandom – Every Team Needs A Batman

Our Main Discussion You’ve probably heard of Fantasy Football, but have you ever heard of Fantasy Fandom? This week we pick our favorite characters from across the Fandomverse to put together on a team that could rival both the Justice League and the Avengers, and then ask who would be the villain and how cohesive would the teams really be? We both built two teams, but we really want to know who you would put on YOUR team. Remember, no…