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The Three Laws of Robotics – Supplemental

The Origin of the Three Laws In  the early 1940’s well before the invention of modern robotics Isaac Asimov had a goal to sell several short stories to a science fiction magazine and needed a central idea to tie them all together. Remember, this is not our modern times, and most of what we consider science fact could only have been concieved of as science fiction back then.  Modern computing was still a fantasy, and even penicillin as an antibiotic…

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All Signs Point to the Robot Uprising

Artificial Intelligence or Robot Uprising? This week we have had a lot of news come out of the European Union but don’t worry we’re not going to talk about the Brexit today, our news story is about how in the EU they are discussing passing regulations that give Robots and AI’s people like rights, and while right now that seems a little ridiculous but considering how quickly things have progressed it may not be as ridiculous as it seems at first look….

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Video Game Battle Royale

Since E3 just wrapped up we thought that we would go through and pit some of our favorite games in head to head single elimination video game battle royale.  Nine games will enter, but only one will leave.  Each Game’s Champion will take just a minute to explain why the game should win and then the Host that is not participating will act as a judge to determine which game is better and assign a number 1-20.  At that point…

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Hoaxes, Satire, Fake News and How to Spot It

We’ve all done it, we’ve all clicked on a link that we thought was an actual story on Social media only to realize that it is Fake News, Satire, or a Hoax, and even though we’ve all done it we’re not immune.  Last week we reported to you that Theo James had been cast as the new James Bond and it turns out that it just isn’t true.  One fake news site posted it and several other blogs rewrote the…

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NERD RAGE!!! Over the years Fandom has been through a lot of different stages.  Recently an article online said, “Fandom is Broken.”  This article talked about how because the fans are now petitioning, boycotting and even sending death threats when their stories don’t go their way that fandom is broken. I liked a lot about that article, but I also disagreed with it a lot as well. We are in a transitional state for fandom and right now it is…