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Disney is Being Non-Commital – Episode 182

Disney is not willing to dive deep into their vault.  Danny Boyle doesn’t want to kill Bond. Branden has questionable taste in music. We all like to cheat at video games, and we announce a new contest for a Funko Giveaway. The discussions from this week’s episode really shouldn’t be missed! News Sponsored by Jared Big News Disney Names it’s Direct to Consumer Streaming Service. Under the Radar Danny Boyle Leaving James Bond – Wild Card William…

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SLGC Recap and Interviews – Episode 181

This Episode of the Fandom Podcast is a long time in the making. Back in July we went to Salt Lake Gaming Con. Branden got a chance to interview Christopher Judge, The Nintendo Nerd and The Amateur Drone. Nik got to fulfill a fantasy with the Uncanny Ryab, and Jeff got old. 00:01 The Fandom Podcast SLGC discussion 22:58 Christopher Judge 27:30 The Uncanny Ryab 51:50 Trevor Steele – The Nintendo Nerd 58:47 Grant Schmidt – Drone Expert 

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Let’s Get Ready to Fandom! – Ep 180

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages…. Let’s Get Ready to FAAAAAAANNNNDDDOOOOOMMMM! In the news this week we discuss the Oscars, Marvel’s Netflixodus, Stephen Amell is going ‘All In’ for wrestling, and IMAX is going to re-release ALL 20 MCU movies to celebrate the 10th anniversary, buckle up and get ready to rumb….Fandom! News Sponsored by Not that Nik Big News: Oscars are Changing, and adding a Most Popular Category (Possibly to Snub Genre Films) Under the…

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Why Comics are important

This week Branden is going rogue.  He spends a couple minutes talking about why Comics are important to him and then jumps into interviews with Ryan Cady and Phillip Sevy, Bob Mcleod, Kevin Eastman, and Marv Wolfman.  There are great discussions about the potential of comics, and what goes into making them.  You aren’t going to want to miss this one. Check out the Creators Ryan Cady – Archie, Witchblade Phillip Sevy – Tomb Raider Bob Mcleod – New Mutants…

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Swipe Left for Picard – Episode 179

Patrick Stewart is returning to Star Trek as everyone’s favorite Frenchman with an English Accent, Jean-Luc Picard. We don’t know what his show will be about for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating! In a shoe is on the other foot kind of story Disney is unable to get the rights to stream some Star Wars movies on their streaming service. Alex Trebek is possibly retiring in 2020 and we talk about how to choose a succesor. And…

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The Far Side – Pre Internet Memes

Join us this week as Joe Darowski from the Protagonist Podcast discusses the comic “The Far Side” with us.  Like usual he brings his in depth knowledge of all things geeky and his fun banter. The Far Side is a single panel newspaper comic that debuted it the San Francisco Chronicle. It features the work of Gary Larson and over the years has been an interesting take on the relationship between humans and Animals.  There are probably just as many…