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All Up In The Spoilers – Ep 191

Happy Halloween!  The scariest thing on the internet is a week where Jeff and Branden go on a tangent filled episode without Nik.  There really is something about the Power of Three!  In this Halloween News roundup we get some news from Kevin Feige, Jeff is able to translate Branden’s weird mouth noises.  Just like a Zombie the Netflix Zelda Rumor just won’t die, and mass murderer Kevin Feige explains that they may have spared one foul mouthed merc… But…

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The Snappening Broke the Internet – Ep 190

Are you a time traveler?  If you answered no then we have a surprise for you!  We need you to write us a Review of Next Week’s episode… today! You can comment on this post, send us a message, an email, or leave a REAL Facebook / Apple Podcasts review and we will read them and try to incorporate as much as possible into next week’s episode.  With that out of the way, Here is This weeks episode! News Sponsored…

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Hot or Not – Ep 189

News Sponsored by Patron Ryan Big News Netflix canceles Iron Fist Under the Radar Director returning for Black Panther 2 (no duuuu) Kraven the hunter movie is a thing aparently WildCard  James Gunn writing Suicide Squad 2 Fuzzy Puppy First look at Batwoman   Feedback William: The effects were meh. Overall there was nothing that really stood out as whoa or cool. Even the Predator cloaking technology had somehow gotten worse in the 30 years between Arnold’s and this guy….

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Make Disney Great Again – Episode 188

New Star Wars TV Shows and information, Kathleen Kennedy Contract Extension, Russian Bots and Lady Gaga Fans weaponizing reviews, and look out Sweden, fate has chosen another ruler! And Nik has inside information on the new Power Rangers series! Its the News Roundup for the second week of October! News Sponsored by Nik, no Not That Nik Big News Star Wars Mandalorian, Kathleen Kennedy Contract Extension matches Bob Igers Retirement date, Under the Radar Titans trailer and season…

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It’s still him… even though it’s her

The new series of Doctor Who comes out this weekend and Jeff found two female Whovians in the wild that were not thrilled with the casting of a female Doctor.  Through a discussion of what Doctor Who is and why it is important to each of them Jeff is able to take them on a journey that considers other viewpoints. Whether you agree or disagree with the stances that they take, you need to listen to the entire episode because…

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Sony Already has That Guy’s Money – Ep 187

I have a bit of a confession, my Day Job ate all my podcast editing time this week, and then my side hustle destroyed all my sleeping time, and so I figured what the heck, who needs sleep, I’m getting this up dang it!  Thanks for being patient. News Sponsored by the William the second   Big News Dark Phoenix Trailer Under the Radar Venom Movie Always Planned as PG 13   WildCard Birds of Prey Casting Fluffy…