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Momotaro – Ch1: The Council of Gods

Christmas is a time to spend time with Friends, Family, and Loved ones.  We hope that you’re able to do that this year.  Branden and his son have been working on adapting a Japanese fairy tale together… Okay Branden has been trying to keep up as his son tells the fairy tale, and so this Christmas we are sharing the first draft of the first chapter from that story.   The Story usually starts out with something to the effect of,…

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The Man with the Golden Liver – Ep 197

Join Branden and Jeff to talk about this week’s news, and since its a week without Nik of course we have to talk about James Bond. News Sponsored by the sweet tones of the Uncanny Ryab   Call To Action Big News Spider-Verse is REALLY good Spider-Verse Spinoff Confirmed Under The radar Punisher Season 2 Happening Wild Card James Bond is a ‘Severe Alchoholic’ Fuzzy Puppy Lego Endgame Trailer What did we learn? Hurt Avengers…

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Dare Deville (Daredevil Season 3)

So the Netflix feud with Disney has cancelled this show, but we decide to talk about it and discuss whether or not you should get into it knowing you won’t get season 4. We discuss what we liked, what we didn’t like and how it fits into the overall Defenders shows. Also Nik wanted to sing really badly and so he made a bad joke that turned into the Episode title…. Enjoy!

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Where did the Doll hurt you? Ep 196

The thing that we want to know this week, what are some times that Directors have flat out LIED to the audience?  We’re looking at you Abrams, Russo, and others!  Also  be sure to stay to the end to hear about our TWO giveaways! Wow, I really just used two exclamation points in two consecutive sentences…. I must be excited about this episode!  May the Fandom Be With you!   News Sponsored by Not that Nik   Big News Daredevil…