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214. Living the Con Lifestyle

Its been a crazy couple of weeks! We’ve been at FanX, Wasatch Comic Con, and this week we will be at the Paradigm Fandom Expo (at the time of release you can still get tickets). In this episode we talk about our experiences at FanX, Play a bit of our live show from Wasatch Con, and share an interview that we had with Garret Wang (Harry Kim from Star Trek Voyager.) Until next time: May the Fandom be with you!

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213. Bunnies from Across the Fandomverse

Its about time for the Easter Bunny to start making the rounds and to celebrate that we are holding a Bunny Draft where we pull our favorite Bunnies from the Fandomverse Hat.  What show does Nik think that Tayler and Branden would never know about but then everyone in the world does?  You’ll have to listen to find out.  If you would like to see us in Person we are going to a lot of Conventions this month.  The Week…

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212. Wasatch Con – Diversity Panel

Wasatch Comic Con is coming up on April 27th – 28th, 2019. In order to get ready for it we’ve decided to share with you the audio from one of the panels that Branden moderated last year, Diversity in comics. Joining Branden on this panel is: Andy Sebastian a Salt Lake City-based comic artist and writer whose work is mostly autobiographical and centers around his experiences with autism, mental illness, religion and LGBTQ issues. Ryan Green, one of the co-hosts…

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211. Fandom News Roundup – March 2019

News Sponsored by  Joseph from the Protagonist Podcast, Head over to to get your name in lights Idris Elba is the new Deadshot in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad! James Gunn is Back in Guardians of the Galaxy – Chucky by Mark Hamil announced @ wondercon with a video – Disney News Disney Plus – Aladdin Fox Merger – Contest Fandom GOAT We want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram @TheFandomPodcast Become…