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227. D23 & Me!

Disney’s BiAnnual Fan Club Expo has wrapped up and taken place and there is so much news that we had to talk about it. Live-action movies, Star Wars Movies, Marvel Movies, and oh yeah the Sony and Spider-Man take as well. The Fandom Podcast Begins now! Disney is definitely doubling down on the Live-Action movies for both their animated classics and the Amusement Rides Star Wars has sooo much news, The Mandalorian looks absolutely gorgeous, The sizzle reel for Episode…

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226. Nik and Branden Scared Stupid

This week we are covering all things horror and supernatural, and so, of course, Tayler schools Nik and Branden in the genre. Patrons get a TV Monster Draft, Tayler Takes us through Horror Throughout the decades, Nik time travels through the decades with Stephen King, and Branden says goodbye to the Walking Dead. If we could ask you to do one thing this episode, it is to go to and help support us at even a dollar a month….

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225. Is Star Trek really Progressive?

In this episode we introduce Tayler to Star Trek, and have a discussion about if it is actually as progressive as it seems on the outside or is it a benevolent authoritarian society, and does that really matter? Nik went Far From Home and talks about Spider-Man. Was it as good as the first one? Should Kids watch it? Most great Sci-Fi Novels have become movies, but not all great Sci-Fi Movies have been based on a book. Branden plays…