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239. Picard Wars Out – Reviews

This Week the Gang’s back together for some Fandom Reviews. We talk about Star Wars, Star Trek Picard, and Knives out. Leave us comments in the form of a Gif for a shoutout in the next episode! May the Fandom Be With you!

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238. Mallory Holbrook – Ok, I Love this

In this episode, Mallory shares her experiences with Fandoms that have let her down, but she has still found ways that she loves them and shows us how to look for fandoms in unexpected places. Mallory Holbrook is one of the hardest working Geeks in the Convention scene here in Utah and I roped her into an interview after she made a comment on one of my Facebook posts. Her Fandom 5 includes The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who,…

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237. Troy Wood ruined my childhood – Fandom5

Troy Wood from the World War G Podcast and The Celeb 10’s Youtube channel has joined me for this episode to talk about his Fandom 5. We talk about Star Wars TV, the best and worst of Pixar, Voice Actors with hearts of gold, How TMNT proves that reboots don’t ruin anyone’s childhood, and the Man of Steel himself. Recording this episode with Troy was a lot of fun, he clearly has a passion that is contagious for these Fandoms…

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Fandom 5: Jared Elder

We are back after our break and this week we interview Fandomaniac Jared Elder about his Fandom 5. The top Five fandoms in his life. We have a discussion about how Fandoms make the fan and how Fans make the fandoms their own. Jared’s Fandom 5: Robotech Star Wars 80’s/90’s Cartoons Star Trek Military Airplanes If you would like to talk about your Fandom Five shoot me an email to And until next time, May the Fandom be with…