209: Captain Marvel Review

We Liked this movie and we think you can too.

It’s been a few weeks since the movie came out.  You’ve had time to watch it and we have some things to say.  First off if you were waiting for our opinion on this, you must be a new listener and so, Hi! Thanks for waiting, but really go see this movie 🙂

This movie has been very polarizing and for frankly stupid reasons.  Yes perspective does effect how you will see this movie, and we all got different things out of it.  None of those interpretations are more valid than the other, but if you didn’t like what you saw, then I would recommend taking a step back and trying to see it through the lens of a different perspective.

This episode is SPOILER FREE until 10:33 and then all the gloves come off.

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Until next time: May the Fandom be with you! 

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