213. Bunnies from Across the Fandomverse

Its about time for the Easter Bunny to start making the rounds and to celebrate that we are holding a Bunny Draft where we pull our favorite Bunnies from the Fandomverse Hat.  What show does Nik think that Tayler and Branden would never know about but then everyone in the world does?  You’ll have to listen to find out. 

If you would like to see us in Person we are going to a lot of Conventions this month. 

The Week that this episode comes out we will be at Salt Lake FanX.  Friday, Branden will be a member of a panel about Diversity in comics at 5pm. 

On Saturday Nik, Tayler, and Branden will be teaching Kids how to podcast by pulling Podcasts from a Hat and having Tongue Twister Races.

April 26th – 27th We will be at Wasatch Comic Con.  We will be having a Live show on Saturday at 11 am.  Then Branden will be part of podcast workshops from 2-4pm, then at 4pm He will be moderating a Panel about Diversity in Comics (Do you see a theme yet, if not pay close attention)

Saturday May 4th we will be at the Paradigm Fandom Expo.  We will be having a Live show, a Podcasting Course and we will be recording in the Vendor Hall with anyone who wants to talk about Fandom. 

As always we appreciate any support you give us and encourage you to head over to patreon.com/fandompodcast to become a patron.

Until Next Time, 

May the Fandom be with you!

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