222. Dungeons, Dragons, and Death Eaters

This week Patrons get some TV Time, Tayler has the Movies, Branden’s going to show you how to deconstruct your favorite comic characters and Nik gets trapped in a Dungeon, but that’s what happens when you play in the Fantasy and magical genres.  The Fandom Podcast Begins Now

We are on week 2 of our July Experiment, let us know your thoughts and feelings about it, you can send us an email to Feedback@FandomPodcast.com


TV Patrons Get Perks and our TV Talk about the Dark Ages before our On Demand Lifestyle will be a Patreon Exclusive, Become a Patron by going to Patreon.com/FandomPodcast and sign up to be a Fandomite, a Member of the FannyPack, or become a True Fandomaniac. Again that’s Patreon.com/FandomPodcast

Movies – One of the most iconic Magical movies of all time is Harry Potter. Tayler leads a discussion on Which Harry Potter is the best.  What did they leave out, and most importantly how do you say Beauxbaton.

Comics –  This week’s theme is fantasy and magic and not to steal from TV, but Stranger things had an Awesome D&D campaign in season three and the game, in general, is having a bit of a resurgence in popularity, and so I sat Down with Fandomaniac Colton Cutshaw to talk about how to take your favorite Comic Book characters and turn them into playable D&D characters.  Even If you’re not into D&D it’s really a fun exercise to think about what makes your favorite Hero tick and how to then use that to recreate them in really anything you’d ever need to create characters for.

 Books A Little show called Critical Role has taken all of Nik’s book time away for months.  He has been obsessed and wants to share the joy with Tayler and Branden, and so he has found a quiz to determine what D&D Character Tayler should be.


Hey, guys, we didn’t get anything in the mailbag this week.  We went through a patch where it was hard to read feedback on the show, but I think this new format will fix that so send us emails to Feedback@FandomPodcast.com or for links to the social media sites head over to FandomPodcast.com/Contact

Our theme for next week is Comfort and habit, so if you have a fandom that is just like a warm fuzzy blanket send it into us using that contact form and we will try to work it into the show.

So Until Next Time May, the Fandom be with you!

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