237. Troy Wood ruined my childhood – Fandom5

Troy Wood from the World War G Podcast and The Celeb 10’s Youtube channel has joined me for this episode to talk about his Fandom 5. We talk about Star Wars TV, the best and worst of Pixar, Voice Actors with hearts of gold, How TMNT proves that reboots don’t ruin anyone’s childhood, and the Man of Steel himself.

Recording this episode with Troy was a lot of fun, he clearly has a passion that is contagious for these Fandoms that he loves. Even when he’s talking about the parts of the fandom that he doesn’t like, he does it in such a loving way.

Make sure to check out his projects

If you were listening and thought, “Hey I have 5 Fandom’s that I love!” send me an email to Feedback@Fandompodcast.com and we will get you scheduled

Until next time: May the Fandom be with you!

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