6/1 Show Thoughts-TV Time!

Hi, hi, hi there! As always, make sure that you go and listen to the episode before reading this as it is in response to the episode. Not that there we really have to worry about spoilers with a podcast, but what I say won’t really make sense if you haven’t listened to the episode yet. We covered some of the shows we watched this past viewing season and it kind of turned from a season in review to generally talking about the shows, so I wanted to expand on my thoughts a little bit.

First off, there was a lot of talk about Supernatural and The Walking Dead. As mentioned in the show, I took my headphones off as Nate and Branden were talking about TWD so as not to hear any spoilers. Well, they didn’t talk about spoilers, or really season 5 much, so I listened through on the recording. I’m going to save my full thoughts about the show for when we do an episode that is specific to TWD, but I have to disagree about the aspect of paying attention that they were referring to.  For a lot of shows, like many other things, you get what you put into them. If you invest your time in a show and pay attention, then you’ll have a more rewarding experience. If you choose to let it sit in the background, there will be many things that you miss. Sure, they may not be essential to the plot, but they certainly add to the show. I think the reason that you have to pay attention to TWD is because all of the important stuff usually happens in about 5 minutes. If you miss those 5 minutes then you may as well have not watched the episode. Luckily, it usually comes at the end of the episode, convincing people that they have to watch next week to see what happens. Of course this is a generalization, and I’m half joking, but we’ll get into TWD more at a later date. What fandom really comes down to is that different people like different things, and if you invest your time in something more and really pay attention and catch the nuances of a show, you are more likely to be a big fan of the show because you get that full experience.

At the risk of sounding argumentative, I also have to bring up Netflix and disagree with Branden a little bit. Yes, Netflix and other streaming services are obviously changing entertainment, but I don’t think a big switch away from network TV is happening anytime soon. First, I have to say that Branden is one of, if not the most, technologically inclined people that I’ve ever met. Sometimes I think that he forgets that the average person is not even in the same ballpark as he is when it comes to new things. From people I talk to, both older generations and younger generations, I think that the percentage of people that would move to a streaming only service and cut the cord is small. Yes, it is growing, but not quick enough to really threaten network and cable television at this point. I think that a big reason for that is advertising. Whether we admit it or not, we like advertising at a certain level-we are all consumers. It brings us information about new products, but more importantly-new entertainment. This is how the majority of people learn about new shows and movies. For example, I’m a huge fan of Tina Fey, but I hadn’t even heard of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt until Branden talked about it. Even Daredevil, which we talked about, didn’t have a lot of publicity outside of the hardcore fans. I still talk to people that I would expect might have watched it, and they haven’t even heard of it. Over 115 million people in America own a TV and over 100 million pay for cable or satellite.  The most recent number I’ve seen for American subscriptions to Netflix is about 40 million-so there is a long way to go. I completely agree with all of the benefits of Netflix and other streaming services, but the reality is that the average consumer continues to get information from television commercials, not from the internet. Until that changes, Netflix won’t be replacing anything, simply because a lot of people don’t know what content is out there.

Speaking of Netflix, I can’t believe that I forgot to bring up House of Cards. I think that my mind was in Fandom mode, thinking of all of the geek shows on TV; therefore, the drama shows that I watch kind of got pushed out of my mind. But House of Cards is one of the most amazing shows on Netflix. The most recent season was jaw dropping to say the least. Words cannot describe how excited I am for Season 4. I will admit, I love dramas, especially ones involving law and politics, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But if you’ve ever wanted to take a shot on a drama, this is the one to watch. And, if you want to be part of the army that proves my previous point wrong and quickens the transition from network TV to streaming services, watch this show.

On a final note, I would like to point out how sly I am. I received applause (faintly audible, but I promise it happened) for not breaking the rule this week. While I did pick The Office as my favorite show, I was also able to slide in Salem-my favorite show that is currently on TV and Futurama-my favorite animated show. I also have to give a shout out to @Midnight on Comedy Central, my favorite non-scripted show (Which mine and Kort’s favorite, Felicia Day, will be appearing this week). Those four shows currently make up my Mt. Rushmore of favorite TV shows. I’m opening up the Fandango contest to include TV shows also! Let us know what your favorite is, either of all time or currently on air/streaming or give me your own Mt. Rushmore! Make sure to include #TVTime in your comment. Of course, it is never too late to let us know what your favorite movie is either, so increase your odds of winning by commenting on both! We want to hear from the fans and we want to give away prizes to the fans, so comment right here on the site, on Facebook, or over at twitter for your chance to win a $25 Fandango gift card.

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