6/15 Show Thoughts-Confession

Hello again! We had a fun episode this week diving into my favorite fandom-Doctor Who. There are so many different topics to be discussed when diving into Doctor Who, and I think that this was a nice little over view just to wet the pallet. I think we covered the topics we chose pretty well, but we will be doing more in depth episodes for Doctor Who and other fandoms in the future. So with that said I’ll keep this week’s post fairly short and focused like we did with the episode. First though, I’d like to start out by hitting on a couple of things we talked about in the news.

In the show, I didn’t have a comment regarding The Joker and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. But Branden and Nate talked about all of this Joker promo being a bit of a Red Herring. While I can certainly see it, and I hope it is true (as much as I love The Joker), I think it would hurt the movie. I am ready for some different stories in the DC universe, but I think that we on the podcast are probably in the minority. Maybe not among hardcore fans, but certainly of the people that will see the movie. If the movie is built up so much on The Joker and his appeal, and then he plays a very minor role, I can see a lot of people being upset and letting that ruin their experience of the movie. But, this movie doesn’t come out until 2016, so they certainly have an opportunity to build up the rest of the cast and movie. As excited as I was when this was first announced, my excitement for this movie is quickly diminishing.

A movie that I had the opposite reaction to was Jurassic World. When I first heard about it, my thoughts were basically, “Cool, another Jurassic Park movie” and I quickly forgot about it. Upon seeing the trailer though, my excitement went through the roof. I have to agree with Branden that the marketing for this movie was a perfect example of how a major summer blockbuster should be marketed. And, it certainly didn’t hurt that Chris Pratt’s popularity is at an all-time high. I’m sure that this led to a letdown for some people, but for me personally, it completely lived up to the hype. I hate to be a prisoner of the moment, but it is probably one of my all-time favorite summer blockbusters. And I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum from Branden. I love what they did with the family. It wasn’t too much to where it was dominating the story, but it gave reason for the boys to be on the island, and set up their relationship as is progressed through the movie. Simply put, it added that depth that so many action films lack without taking away from the film. I’m sure when I watch it again I’ll notice a few more plot holes and things that might bother me, but even the little ones that I noticed in the film didn’t take me out of the moment.  Also, I would be remised if I didn’t mention the amazing metanarrative in the film. The comments about the Indominus Rex being needed for the people in the park were a direct reflection of the movie goer. Who wants to see another movie with a T-Rex being the main threat? The Jurassic Park movie series needed the Indominus Rex to bring it back to relevancy.

Finally, moving toward Doctor Who, I have a big confession to make. If I were to list out my favorite companions, Clara Oswald would not be my favorite, probably not even in the Top 3. My favorite is without a doubt Martha Jones, for all of the reasons Nate mentioned and more. How boring would it be though if Nate and I spent the whole episode agreeing with each other? I could have gone with Donna Noble, probably my 2nd favorite, but I figured that it would be fun to talk about Clara since Nate despises her. While she’s not my favorite, my defense of her was genuine and I am very excited to see where they take everything in the next season. But Nate was right, Martha Jones is my favorite companion.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know your answers to the topics we discussed and let me know your thoughts on the 10th Doctor being somewhat of a villain. My mind is busy with my Time Lord Origins Theory, but I would love some thoughts on the dark path that the 10th Doctor could have gone down. I will throw Doctor Who comments in to the Fandango contest, just use #DoctorTime. This will be the last week of the contest though, so be sure to check my other posts on how you can get a couple more opportunities to win. We’ll announce the winner Sunday the 21st on our Father’s Day special.

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