6/21 Show Thoughts-Father’s Day

Hello again, and welcome to this week’s edition of As the World Turns. We pick up where we left off as Jack Snyder is about to find out if he is the biological father. Wait, this just in, Maury has determined that he is NOT the father! *rabble rabble drama rabble* Fortunately, being a father isn’t all the drama that day time television might make it out to seem. We had a great Father’s Day episode and discussed 3 amazing fathers. I had an amazing weekend and I hope that all of the fathers out there did as well.

Although Nate isn’t a father, he had a great time at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con . Talking to him and listening to the interviews, I’m excited for his bonus episode on the Con. It’s going to be awesome! So make sure to watch for that and if you went to the Con as well then we would love to hear your experience.

Getting back to Sunday’s show though, I think that it was a great show. As far as trials go, I was hesitant to do a trial on Father’s Day. As I said, I find it hard making arguments against fathers when we had such a positive episode for Mother’s Day. But I think that the show went really well. Things didn’t get heated, and part of that may because we had a guest judge and with 3 sides it was more of a round table debate rather than a trial type setting. After the last trial and how heated it was (and in my opinion, very fun), I think that it was good to have one in which we all more or less focused on our father in fandom; although I probably could have won if I made my case against Splinter. Nate was bragging that part of the reason he chose Splinter is because there is really nothing that anyone could say about him that is negative. When I told him the case I would have used, he basically said, “I’m glad you didn’t because I don’t know if I could have defended against that”. But the show was all in good fun, and even outside of Father’s Day, I don’t know if I could bring myself to talk negatively about Master Splinter.

I did want to address one thing that Nate said in his closing arguments though since he got the benefits of going last. He mentioned that I am a father of twins and how hard that must be, and that Splinter’s challenged are essentially doubled since he has 4. I can’t speak for every parent and I obviously don’t know what it’s like to have quadruplets, but I think that my experience has been easier due to having 2 children at the same time. We have never had to worry about a son being lonely or needing all of our attention constantly. Our sons have a best friend that they will always have throughout their life. While I’m sure the pizza bill that I would have with 4 sons is huge, I think that it is great to grow up with sibling and always have people that are there for you. I know how different life was for me when I lived with Austin (not twins but very close in age) and when we didn’t live together. Siblings that are a set of multiples, whether that be twins or octuplets, get to have a special bond that nobody else can ever fully understand. And in my experience, that makes the struggles of parenting easier.

As always, we want to hear from you guys. Of the three fathers presented, who do you think was the best father? What father would have chosen to make a case for the best father in fandom? I would also love to hear your experiences as a parent or why your father is a hero. It’s important that we look to the people in our life that helped us to become who we are today, so give them a shout out. Until next time, I’m going to be watching to see if Carly Tenney finds out what Emily Stewart is doing behind her back.


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