6/8 Show Thoughts-Tetris and Time Lords

Hello all! As always, listen to the most recent episode before diving into this post. There is a lot to cover (I already have a feeling this will be pretty long, so I will try to condense it).  A big chunk will be talking a little bit more about Doctor Who and my theory, which will be great leading up to next week’s episode-hint hint. But for now, I’d actually like to start where we left off and talk about the Video Game Hall of Fame inductees.

I didn’t talk about it during the episode because it was at the end of the show and it is something that we could debate for hours. So I figured that this would be a better forum to have the discussion. I would also like to say, that at this point we are basically splitting hairs between video games. All of the games on the initial list of nominees are worthy and will be in the Hall of Fame eventually. But I feel that I must defend Tetris. First, let me start be saying that I do have a Tetris t-shirt, so there! I really have to echo Branden though about Tetris and its lasting legacy. In 2010 Tetris had 100 million copies downloaded on mobile devices, which at the time was the most of any game. I don’t think that any other arcade game has had the lasting power that Tetris has. Also, Tetris is so simple yet fun and unique. I’m sure another might exist, but off of the top of my head, I can’t think of another game that a player could theoretically play the same game without end. Also, add to it the studies that have been done that show the positive effects that Tetris has on the brain and it is an absolutely amazing game. Finally, and this is something that I’m sure that Nate can respect and a lot of people don’t realize about Tetris. It was released in 1984 (that’s not the interesting part) but it was developed by a Russian while he was at the Academy of Science in the USSR. Yes, you read that right, USSR. As such, it was the very first video game to be imported to the United States from the USSR. I would say that is a pretty awesome legacy to have. This isn’t a slight against Space Invaders. It definitely has had a large impact on our culture and I expect it to be in on the next ballot. But I think that it is pretty clear why Tetris is well deserving of first ballot recognition into the Video Game Hall of Fame.

Now that I have that off of my chest, I just have a couple of quick notes. When discussing Breaking Bad I misspoke and said hotel bed instead of hospital bed. I misspeak all the time, but usually can catch and correct myself. If you were confused by the statement, there is your clarification. Also, regarding wishing that Bri was a blonde, I am sure that our listeners understand that I was joking. However, I just have to have it on the record that I do prefer brunettes. Lastly, Branden mentioned starting certain video game rumors and being the first person to do so. It’s an interesting concept, but I have to wonder how many people had those same ideas and told people without actually hearing it. I know that I’m guilty of making something up to seem cool or just to mess with people. I can imagine hundreds or thousands of communities in which the same or similar rumors were started by people that never met. Just something to think about in our crazy world of information and how things were so different back then.

Now, onto the really fun stuff. The focus of the episode was fan theories. We covered quite a few and I think that they were all very interesting. As for my own theory though, I’m actually glad that Branden discussed what he did because it has helped me a bit in my theory. I don’t know if I could ever write 12,000 words on it, but this is something that I’m going to definitely do some research on and flesh it all out. A couple things that came to mind after listening to Branden’s theory again was the concept of generations. For Whovians that remember The Doctor’s Daughter, that community was generations old, so old that they had forgotten their origins. But time wise, they weren’t actually that old. This is a solid example that lends credence to how a race of Time Lords might have advanced too quickly to really remember their origins. Especially if you have different groups breaking off and traveling all over the time stream.

This also leads me into a distinction that I want to make for my theory. I think that there is a difference between the race known as the Time Lords and people that are from Gallifrey. I’m sure that many people would argue against my theory, crediting Rassilon as the creator of the TARDIS and therefore the reason that the Gallifreyans became Time Lords. This is something that I will argue against in a longer paper regarding my theory. In short, I think that he took control of Gallifrey and rewrote history for his own glory. It is referenced that Time Lords do not always regenerate into a humanoid form. If Rassilon had truly been the cause for the Time Lord race, then why would they not always regenerate into their original form? My answer, is because the power comes from the regeneration abilities of the TARDIS and would have had to exist before Gallifreyans or Time Lords. One does not create something such as the soul of the TARDIS, it can only be discovered.

I think that it is most likely that a group of Time Lords chose to settle at Gallifrey (or perhaps they were a race that returned there and shared their new found gift). This most likely would have been Time Lords that did not want to exist outside of time as the Eternals do. I also find it exceedingly likely that there would be groups or individuals that did not want to return to one place and roam the time stream without any association with Gallifrey. We have seen examples, such as River Song, Donna Noble, or even if we incorporate The Doctor’s Daughter, of people that are Time Lord, or at least part Time Lord, that are not of Gallifreyan decent. This leaves the door open for Time Lords to exist separate from Gallifrey.

As I said, I now plan on writing a full paper about this, but for now, this is where I will wrap it up. If you have any questions or holes to poke in my theory (Or anyone else’s from the Podcast) please leave us a comment right here on the website, on Twitter, or over at our Facebook page. And don’t forget to check out my last couple of posts to learn how you can win a $25 Fandango gift card.

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