All Up In The Spoilers – Ep 191

Happy Halloween!  The scariest thing on the internet is a week where Jeff and Branden go on a tangent filled episode without Nik.  There really is something about the Power of Three!  In this Halloween News roundup we get some news from Kevin Feige, Jeff is able to translate Branden’s weird mouth noises.  Just like a Zombie the Netflix Zelda Rumor just won’t die, and mass murderer Kevin Feige explains that they may have spared one foul mouthed merc… But at least I figured out that I can take my Tecmo Bowl skills from my childhood and go coach in the NFL!  All this and more on this episode of the Fandom Podcast!

The Big News

Marvel Studios vs Marvel Television!

Guardians 3 on Hold according to Feige

MCNU takes place before the Snappening


Under the Radar

Legend of Zelda Netflix Show coming



Deadpool Survives!


Fuzzy Puppy

Tecmo Bowl Play is used by the Bills



Comments and reviews about the show this week? SURE!!

FML (You guys do realize this has a different [original] meaning, ya?):

Dang Branden. Way to go with the Movie League!

The Nutcracker:

I’m not going to go see it. It looks mildly interesting, but not enough for me to go see whatever abomination Disney has created.

Luke Cage, Cancelled!:

I STILL haven’t watched anything other than Daredevil season 1. I will eventually, but I honestly know nothing about the other characters (except The Punisher) so I have no real motivation to see the other series. And the decision not to include them in the Infinity War movie, just really disappoints me.

I know the argument that was made, “theres already 40 characters, we can’t keep up with all of them that we do have”. And I still say, “you don’t have to.” All we need are cameos. When the baddies were in NY to get the Time Stone, have a couple no-name minions with them, Luke Cage runs in, saves Strange/Stark from a punch and tells him, “don’t worry we got this”. Whereupon, Iron Fist shows up and they all disappear off screen.

That’s all we need. Just let us know they are all part of the same universe. Then, in an after credit scene, you see Foggy disappear in front of Matt Murdok.

Just enough so we know they are involved.

The Snappening Broke the Internet:

Hilarious. Jeff, you are a genius.

Deep learning/AI/Face-off/Deep Fakes:

Oooh, this is interesting. But oh god, Mike Tyson dubbing for James Earl Jones would be hilarious!!

Branden, go see Hangover, its great! It’s such a shame that they never created any sequels. Just like The Matrix. I’m sure the sequels would have been awesome if they had created any.

Supergirl is a man?:

Oh, they’re going to spin off a Superman show from Supergirl!! gotcha! I give it one season before Supergirl is off the air. Supergirl will end at the end of Superman season one.

I stopped watching after the first episode because I thought the premise of the giant alien jail just happening to come to earth where the daughter of the person who put them all in jail is located.

Jurassic World/The Fly sequel:

I love it. This must be done.

What did we learn today music:

What was the original “What did we learn today” music? I liked the beat.

Bye bye!

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