Announcement: New Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

Hey and Thanks for listening to the Fandom Podcast! This Announcement is to let you know that with the New Year we want to make some changes. One of those changes is moving the date that we drop our podcast to Tuesday or Wednesday. Let us know what you think of the New Bat Time, Same Bat Channel, because we do this for you.

We are also taking submissions for ideas that you want us to cover. If you have any requests for fandoms and topics for us to talk about hit us up on social media or our contact page,

And at the End of the Day, Producing free media does not come free. If you find any value in this show please head over to to see how you can help. Not all of the ways are monetary some are as simple as leaving a review in itunes or sharing an episode with a friend.

Thanks For Listening to the Fandom Podcast and May The Fandom Be With You!

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