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So this week Nik is gone, and so of course we talk about some of his favorite fandoms.  We talk about the new Bond movie, how Sherlock Fans are the worst, the fact that we’re finally getting a Nicholas Cage Superman movie, and how Disney is picking its next CEO from a real life Hunger games and what that means for the near monopolistic power that they wield (Who needs the Infinity Stones)


Dommer vs Fandomite, vs Fandomaniacs…

We did a poll and while Nik isn’t here to stop us, Jeff and Branden make the decision to go with Fandomaniac, which was a suggestion given to us by Craig Price from Matinee Heroes.  A Podcast that talks about great movies.

From Ryan Green – I always thought a reboot is when they abandon former stories and start something new. And a remake is when they take the same story and do it over again. Like the live action Disney movies are remakes.

From Jared Elder – I watched the old universal monster/horror movies and my 5 year old loved them. They were cheese and funny now, but back then, instant hits. The new one I haven’t seen but hearing all the comments has bummed me out on it. Maybe someday I’ll get it to watch,…… Netflix please!

–Anything that can get a Starz Subscription looks like it will have it.

Alright let’s Jump into the News sponsored by: Joseph


Hey guys we are going to try the news stories a little differently, let us know what you think about this. The news stories

Random Fandom Announcement: Once more with Feeling – Buffy S6 E7

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