April 1st 2015 comicbook review

portrait_incredible rocket

Rocket Raccoon #10

Rocket and Groot have to pay up on debts or face being reported to the authorities.  Fortunately they have the credits.  Unfortunately Rocket gets a call about a possible tip on an item he has been looking for.  The wise thing to do would be to pay his debt, so of course he chooses to purchase the information on the item instead.  Now all he has to do is get out of Knowhere without being arrested.  Rocket’s old “pal” Cosmo tries to stop him, but inadvertently gives him his ticket out of Knowhere.  Overall you can never go wrong with a Skottie Young, Rocket Raccoon story.  This is on the list to be cancelled due to Secret Wars.  If it is not back after Secret Wars I will loose all faith in Marvel.


Punisher #17

Punisher and All New Cap throw down in DC, and it is AWESOME!  Neither is willing to give, but Castle can’t loose in his own book.  Not sure if he really wins either, but he gives Sam the recording of his “talk” with the politician.  Frank then returns to LA to find out the status on Del Sol and continue his hunt of their organization.  Overall what more do you need to know other than Frank Castle vs Sam Wilson?  The only better title from Marvel is Rocket Raccoon.


Spider-Gwen #3

Spider-Gwen is attacked at home by Vulture during an argument with her father.  Vulture gases the place making Captain Stacy and Gwen groggy.  Toomes is injured and flees with our hero in pursuit.  Spider-Gwen puts down Vulture only to be attacked by Detective Castle wearing a bulletproof vest with a skull on it.  He unmasks her, but only notices shes a girl.  Gwen knocks Castle out and heads home.  Captain Stacy’s neighbor comes over to help after the attack.  Overall, just like Silk, I am loving seeing the development of a new character.  I love this universe and seeing familiar faces in different ways.  I hope Secret Wars doesn’t ruin this verse.


Teen Titans Annual #1

Superboy returns and is accused of massacring 21 people.  The police arrest him and bring him in.  Martian Manhunter decides he is going to interrogate Superboy. The only survivor of the massacre turns out to be an alien herself, and helps Superboy knowing that he is innocent.  Meanwhile the Titans wrestle with the news that one of their own could be a murderer.  Red Robin is adamant he is innocent, while Wonder Girl believes this is something he is capable of.  Superboy and the mysterious alien go to Red Robin for help, but Martian Manhunter busts in before The Teen Titans can decide how to proceed.  Superboy subdues Manhunter with violence and aggression.  This scares Wonder Girl into calling Manchester Black for help.  The Titans, minus Power Girl and Wonder Girl, depart to prove Kon’s innocence.  Manchester shows up and invites the ladies to join a team that has been preparing to take on the Titans.  Overall this was a good Annual.  Brought back a former team member, drama and mystery, and finished with a giant splash page setting up new drama for the series.  I don’t read many DC, but this title encourages me to read more.


Doctor Who 9th Doctor #1

The Doctor (9), Rose, and Captain Jack are back!  The Doctor wants to take them to one of his favorite planets, but when they get there it is destroyed.  Wondering what happened to the planet they are distracted by a GIANT ship showing up.  The ship tractor beams them on and tries to capture them.  The 3 run and fight for their lives while discovering the ship isn’t the only threat in the area.  The Doctor offers to help, but of course that doesn’t work.  As the trio is escaping Rose is grabbed and doesn’t make it on to the TARDIS before it leaves.  How will they save Rose?  Overall 9 is my favorite Doctor, so of course I was gonna pick this up.  The artwork is great in giving the same feel that the season with Eccleston had.


Arkham Manor: End Game

Arkham Manor was a good story arc.  Not really set up to be sustainable, but for a short arc before Convergence I likes it.  Arkham Manor: Endgame was a sad finish.  The Joker shows up and turns most of Arkham into him.  Bane, Freeze, Ivy, Clayface, Scarecrow, and the security guard sharing the story are unaffected by the gas.  They fight to get free of the manor.  Just when it looks like they will make it their way is blocked by Joker and the other crazies.  A surprise twist, that felt to contrived, saves the group.  Gotham PD arrives to restore order, but the unaffected villains some how escaped.  Overall I was drawn into the story at first and before it got really interesting, it ended.  For a book that was a month late, it was very disappointing.


Black Vortex (Cyclops #10)

Cyclops, Ice man, and Groot are imprisoned on Knife’s living ship.  Bobby comes up with a plan that helps them escape their cell.  Right after saying they have to stay to the shadows to escape the trio runs full speed through a door.  Of course the room is full of Knife’s men.  In retreating they find the Black Vortex.  Scott gives a moving speech about why they shouldn’t use it, then he sees his Dad in his head telling him to use it.  The three Vortex up and break out of the ship into the middle of a huge battle.  Captain Marvel takes the Black Vortex from them and they join the fight.  Overall as the Black Vortex event this was a wasted story.  There is nothing about how they are helping the people on the planet encased in amber.  As far as the writing and the art it reads and looks like Summers is a 10 year old playing at hero.  This may be how the whole title has been, which may work for the title.  But for a Black Vortex chapter it was out of place.  Very disappointing, probably the worst chapter so far of the event.

portrait_incredible DP

Return of the Living Deadpool #3

Deadpool leads the alive humans towards the “Deadpool Free Zone”.  Along the way they are ambushed by un-dead Deadpools.  DP and his girly friend are captured.  Wade awakes to see they are in a major city overtaken by un-dead DPs.  The good Deadpool and the girl make their escape, slaughtering bad Deadpools along the way.  Just as it looks like they are clear.  Deadpool hears voices in a basement.  The issue ends with Holy Deadpools asking who he belongs too.  There is representation of most of the Deadpool contributors of the years.  Overall this has been an average story, Marvel is just capitalizing on the popularity of DP and zombies.  I am a huge Pool fan, but feel like the market has been flooded with him.  Death of Deadpool will be good for the character.


Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #11

Iron Fist’s father has brought down a god-like entity in his attempt to open up the heavens.  This of course goes badly for Danny’s daddy.  The firey entity has come to bring papa to hell and has decided he is going to bring everyone else in New York City along with him.  Daniel Rand’Kai has to battle the massive creature using the Rand’Kai building like a Megazord.  Seriously.  He starts out well, but then actions inside the building change his luck.  Eventually he jumps out of the building and KOs the god that was just kicking his butt.  Overall I think a building being used as a Megazord should sum up how ridiculous this story has gotten.







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