April 22nd Comicbooks review

backgroundBlack Widow #17

Black Widow receives an offer from “Chaos” to join them.  When she refuses they do not take it well.  Will Natasha be found by friends before it is too late?  Overall I truly love this series.  Second only to Rocket Racoon as far as what Marvel has been putting out.


Amazing_X-Men_Vol_2_19_TextlessAmaxing X-men #19

So Cain Marko’s the Juggernaut again, and only Colossus has any hope against him.  After getting pummeled like so many other times Piotr has faced Cain he realizes he must try another way.  But can The Unstopable be stopped?  Overall I love how they started this issue.  And the fight between the two powerhouses was great.  But if this is the end of the series it kinds went out with a whimper.


BM_AK_2_54b45e7f794b94.10525259_551347d06fff72.82954885Batman: Arkham Knight #3

Bruce Wayne steps into the spotlight to try and motivate the city.  After his speech is over Harley Quinn attacks him and Lucius Foxx, stealing a Foxx’s tablet for the Penguin.  But can they hack in to it?  Meanwhile Penguins men find the Scarecrows lair, unfortunately for them.  And we finish with reference to Baine’s venom toxin.  Overall I think I would be more into this story if I played the games.  But even so it is well written, well drawn, and intriguing.


STK669289Citizen of the Galaxy #3

I don’t know how to sum up this sorry other than Thorby returns to Earth.  After some work he takes over his families business.  Overall it was a very rushed and disjointed story.  I may have to read Robert A Heinlein’s original story because this seems like it hit the highlights.  But a story without the details is a failure.


Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_&_X-Men_Black_Vortex_Omega_Vol_1_1_TextlessBlack Vortex: Omega

Kitty submits to the mirror and becomes exactly what is necessary to save the planet and end everything.  With the planet saved some of the Vortexed up heros un-submit.  The story wraps up with Star-Lord proposing to Shadowcat.  Overall they saved the best for last.  Although they could have done this issue 4 chapters ago.  I am glad it is over, and surprised it ended on a high note.  Not that any of these changes will matter after Secret Wars.


CONV_Cv3_552fe06f138d60.86437225Convergence #3

The Earth 2 heros continue their journey to discover how to stop Telos.  They find a new ally who knows secrets that will help them Thomas Wayne and Grayson stay back to buy the others time to get away.  An ultimate sacrifice is made, and hopefully it’s not wasted.  Overall as I am not a huge DC person I am feeling lost.  I feel like the important parts of the story are going on in the other Convergence superhero titles.


InvisibleRepublic_02-1Invisible Republic #2

Our reporter continues his investigation into Maia Riverton cutting through the red tape of bureaucracy to find out what he can about her.  Which makes him a target for those that realize he has her diary.  From her diary we learn what was next for her after the soldiers were killed on the beach.  Overall only 2 issues in and this story has me gripped.  I love the art, the two stories being told, and the mystery it is building.


FEB150795Hulk #15

Hulk and Red Hulk continue their fight and path of destruction.  But eventually it goes the way you knew it had too.  Hulk wins and Thunderbolt Ross is back to normal.  Overall this was one of their better issues.  But I am still not sad to see it end.  I just have not like this Hulk.  Here is to hoping Secret Wars brings back the Hulk from the 80s and 90s.


NINJAK-002-COVER-A-LAROSA-61b86Ninjak #2

Collin continues his undercover work to get in position to take down Weaponeer.  Which means doing some unsavory things, and some sneaking around.  Overall this a story about a ninja spy, how cool is that!  It may not be scholarly work, but it is fun to read.


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