April 29th Comicbooks Review

portrait_incredibleSilk #3

Silk is throwing down with a dude looking like a dragon.  We find out Silk knows him from before, Pokemon Man.  After he throws a van on her we see a flashback to her being locked up.  Cindy kind of loses it on dragon dude.  He gives up and they have a heart to heart TN about why he is after her.  She helps him out with his situation only to be attacked by the baddy that sent him after her.  She gets away, barely to find Spider-Man waiting for her at home.  And he’s brought friends to help convince her she needs training.  Overall I love this series.  Her quick quips are awesome, and the art matches the feel of the story.

Outcast_08Outcast #8

Kyle and the reverend continue their quest to find answers about this power over evil Kyle has.  But, just like an episode of Lost, each step of their journey only raises more questions.  When Kyle asks the reverend how far he thinks this evil has spread we get a chilling foreshadowing with the last page.  Overall another outstanding issue.  This title has been so good I was torn what to read first between this and Silk.  I don’t think I could have gone wrong either way.

4532218-15Daredevil #15

The Shroud is using The Owl to tap into every video device to search for his lady.  When Daredevil threatens to cut the power to stop him, The Shroud turns the tables.  Airing every secret Matt has left, ruining his credibility.  The Owl’s daughter knows someone they can turn to for help, but is it the right decision for Matt to trust him?  Overall this issue was a kind of “drop the bombs” issue.  It was exciting, and the end was the best bomb of all

portrait_incredible (1)Silver Surfer #11

As the Silver Surfer looks for a new planet for those that he has, now twice, allowed Galactus to destroy their planet they end up stuck in a causality loop, literally.  When he finally realizes that he needs to do something different he breaks through and finds the perfect planet.  Fulfilling one promise only leaves one more promise to fulfill, returning Dawn home.  But does she still want to go?  Overall the way they designed this issue was amazing.  The panels literally loop, giving you all sides of the story as you go around.  I will admit to being a little confused at first, but once I figured it out I loved the creativity.

mjAoBSDm6S3-6Cu_AI9j6mQMoon Knight #14

Dogs are viciously attacking and killing only the rich.  Moon Knight tracks down who has been setting the dogs loose on the one percenters.  As retribution he sets the dogs loose on him.  Overall there was a great reference to Moon Knights first appearance in Werewolf by Night.  Still not sure about the religious prophet side of the story.  I do like that they are back to single story issues.

DC-Comics-Convergence-4Convergence #4

While the cities fight for survival the survivors of Earth 2 help a native Deimos under the assumption he knows how to defeat Telos.  Meanwhile Telos is explaining to Earth 2 Grayson why he has pitted city against city.  Deimos uses the Earth 2 heros to infiltrate a fortress at the center of the world.  He takes the power of the time travelers trapped there.  Telos figures out where they are, and arrives in time to see what Deimos plan is.  Overall I still feel incredibly lost; partly because I don’t know a lot of DC history.  I still think that the better stories are going on in the other Convergence tie ins.

princessleia3_smallStar Wars: Princess Leia #3

Princess Leia continues her quest to save all of the surviving Alderaanians that she can.  On the planet Sullust the princess finds a group that is suspicious of her.  They are not eager to jump on a ship and leave with her.  Unbeknownst to Leia someone has been talking with a member of the Empire, and now they know where she is.  Luckily for Leia she has R2D2 with her when Stormtroopers show up.  R2 develops a plan that wins the day and ingratiate the Alderaanians to Leia.  Overall I am not into this story, but I can see how a young girl would love it.  Its a simple story, good artwork, and a strong female lead.

all_new_captain_america_6All New Captain America #6

FalCap battles Baron Blood to stop him from releasing the sterilize plague. In the process Sam is infected. From flashback sequences we realize how important family, and the possibility of his own, is to Sam. Of course Cap wins, and saves the day, thanks in part to Nomad. Nomad delays Zemo from detonating the bomb before Wilson can get it off Blood. Knowing he is defeated Zemo blows his base supposedly killing the two of them. For the twist ending Sam learns a truth about Misty Knight. Overall the story had a good underlying theme about family, and your duty to them. Unfortunately the story was too cliche to really enjoy it.

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