Are You Whining Batman? Comic Book Trivia

Introducing the Cluemaster!

This week on the Fandom Podcast we’re playing some comic book trivia and as a way to include Branden into the Game the Cluemaster who is a random Fandomaniac has joined us with all sorts of comic book questions.  This game is full of lead changes so try to keep track! Our four rounds are Who am I – Fact or Crap – Based on a Villain -and  “Dr Strange, Aquaman, Batman, and Ironman.”  Let us know how you did with the trivia in the Fandomaniacs group!

Come find us

Wasatch Comic Con – April 27th and 28th.  We will be giving away tickets to go see Infinity War, and there’s a theater right there.

Podcast Summit 2018 – June 2nd – Stay Tuned for ticket Giveaways

Pop Culture Con – June 9th

Random Fandom- We stand on Guard

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