August 12th Comicbook Review


Rebels #5

We join our hero, Mr Abbott, on the “Noble Train of Artillery” trail.  It is rough travels in the winter snows, and they are behind schedule.  Major General Henry Knox has a chat with Mr Abbott that results in Abbott telling him to stay out of the way, and his men will get the cannons to Boston.  When they arrive in Roxbury Massachusetts on January 25th they are relieved of the cannons.  Mr Abbott is asked to sign the chain of custody over.  When he asks why not Knox he is told General George Washington specifically stated it be Mr Abbott.  Washington knew who was really responsible for the cannons reaching their destination.  Overall as a Transportation Officer this struck so many cords with me.  1 being the depiction of their struggle to move the cannons.  I have it easy in today’s military by comparison.  2 was the way MG Knox treated Mr Abbott.  As an officer I should never think myself better than any of my subordinates because of my education or upbringing.  Sometimes the best person for the job isn’t the highest ranking individual.  I cannot explain my love for this series, and I will be saddened with next months last issue.


Descender #6

We start 15 years in the past where Professor Quon was an assistant to the head of UGC’s robotics program.  An android, more advanced than anything UGC has is discovered on a planet that’s civilization died before space travel.  When they start it up it starts spouting cryptic messages about something will come.  Quon wants to use it to make robots, but is told no.  So he steals the data and goes off to start making robots.  This is his explanation for his rise to power, and the coming of the Reaper Bots.  Before he can be killed off as useless robots bust in.  They are part of the resistance, and looking for Tim-21.  Overall I was a little confused at first, but once it all clicked it was awesome.  I love the water color use in the art.  And the progression in the story is great.


Star Lord & Kitty Pryde #2

Kitty, with Star Lord as her prisoner, is trying to track down Gambit.  She finds Cypher, who steals for Gambit, and beats the information out of him.  When Douglass recognizes her, she stabs him.  This is when Peter realizes, despite their similarities, this is not his Kitty.  They share a nice moment where Kitty explains her circumstance, and Peter agrees to help her.  They break into the museum Gambit is trying to pull a heist in.  When Kitty sees what she thinks is Gambit’s bag she opens it to get the anomaly.  Only there is something else I side, Widget!  Which also happens to be a trap.  What Gambit wants is Kitty.  Overall it was a fun issue.  Peter Quill’s humor is on point, and AoA Kitty is as vicious as ever.  And as an Excalibur fan I loved seeing Widget!  It was a great issue.


Years of Future Past #4

The survivors of Haven rush to give assistance to Christina as she works to free the mutant internment camp.  The Brotherhood fight to stop the escape; just when it looks like they have won reinforcements arrive.  Magneto brings the sentinel from Haven to swing the battle.  With one battle won it is time to prepare for President Kelly.   Cameron, though, learns the truth of the plan: Christina and Cameron are to be killed as martyrs trying to save President Kelly.  Magneto tries to leave with Christina, but Cameron shuts him down.  Cameron comes to the conclusion that in order balance the world, mutants must be wiped out.  He decides he is going to assassinate President Kelly to get all mutants hunted.  Christina won’t allow it, and is willing to fight him to stop him.  Overall the Magneto twist was a little cliche as a plot device.  Cameron’s reasoning is logical, but flawed.  I love the dynamic they show in the way of thinking of Cameron and Christina based off of how they were raised.


Secret Wars #5

We start with a ceremony for the death of Sheriff Strange.  No one knows that Doom killed him.  Which makes it awkward when he sends his daughter, Valeria, to find those that Strange scattered throughout Battleworld.  Then we learn about the role Molecule Man had to play in the creation of Battleworld, and set up his possible role later on.  Valeria tells her team of their tasking, and they go over what they know.  They realize that Sheriff Strange had to be the one who scattered the people they must now hunt.  Overall this story is ok.  If it were not for the information it gives about the Secret Wars event I would have dropped it.  The great thing about the story is the art.  I love the style, it has a colored pencil look to it that really works for the story they are telling.


Ghost Racers #3

As Reyes escapes the stadium, the race is taken to the streets.  Robbie cannot out run the other Racers.  He chooses to face them head on.  But instead of fighting he tries to reason with them.  He is able to convince Slade that they are not enemies, and in turn Slade convinces the others.  They let Reyes go, and are called back to face punishment.  Robbie goes home to get Gabe, so they can run.  However, Gabe is not at home; Arcade has made him a new Racer.  Overall this book is fun.  It is like a summer movie that you see, and have fun watching.  But it is not going to be at the top of anyone’s awards lists.


A-Force #3

She-Hulk is pursued by Thors for being out of her territory.  They follow her back through the portal.  Jennifer tells her team that she knows, now, that there is a traitor in Arcadia.  In order to find the traitor she defies the Thors; the fight costs Medusa her life.  A-force goes to ground to buy time to suss the traitor out.  Their new friend offers them a place to hide where no one will think to look.  Overall it seemed like a quick issue, which usually means I was way in to it.  I do love the idea of the all female team, and so far it is working out great.


Secret Wars 2099 #4

Hercules and Captain America help the Defenders escape.  In doing so it splits the Avengers, and Captain America has issues with her duplexity in identity.  Overall the fact that it can be summed up so easily should say how simplistic the story is.  The series is just good enough to keep it on my monthly list.

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