August 19th Comicbook Reviews


Silk #6

Silk is being tortured by her captor.  In an effort to keep him talking, while she tries to get free, he mentions her family.  Her Iinterest peaked she starts asking what he knows.  He divulges that people were watching her every move in the bunker.  Cindy frees herself, but before she learns anymore Black Cat busts in.  Felicia beats the guy, and causes the roof to colapse on him.  Silk is very POed that Black Cat ruined her chance at finding where her family is.  Silk lays a serious smack down, but doesn’t have the energy to put her down for the count.  Spider-man arrives to comfort her.  When Cin gets back to the bunker she finds the camera and busts it.  Finding new motivation she approaches a new day ready to go on.  Too bad it is the end of the world.  Overall it was a rushed issue.  The action was good, but the story felt forced to get things in to be in line with the Secret Wars event.


Book of the Dead #2

Gilad faces off against the UNITY team.  He handles them soundly then flees with Tama.  He has Tama read from the Book of the Dead as they drive.  She reads of the Eternal Warrior’s failure against the Geomancer.  Everyone sacrificed to give him one shot, but his blade doesn’t find the mark.  Tama’s reading is interupted when a swarm of birds attacks them.  It looks bad, but suddenly they leave.  Could the Geomancer be finding them by Tama’s reading of the book?  Overall the battle at the begining was cool, but didn’t really drive the story.  It was half an issue of action and then half an issue of progressing the story.


Batman: Arkham Knight #7

There are 2 stories in this issue.  In the first story a man, down on his luck, finds a beat and battered Batman in a dumpster.  He drags him to his home to get Bats back on his feet.  As Batman comes too he learns a little of the mans life.  2 muscled thugs come to collect “rent”.  Batman doesn’t take kindly to their methods.  After laying the smackdown he tells them the building is under his protection.  Story 2 has Penguin assembling a new Suicide Squad.  His mission for them is to kill Bruce Wayne.  They set a trap for the billionaire, but to their surprise Batman comes out of the car instead.  Overall I hate when a series does a 2 story stunt.  I really liked the 1st story, but the 2nd was more in line with the series.  It is like they couldn’t come up with enough of a story for a full issue, so they threw together another quick story.


Spider-Verse #4

Venom has been following Spider-Gwen, and reveals himself when Peter Parker shows up.  Parker does not have his powers, so Gwen has to do the saving.  She notices Venom is very similar to Carnage and comes up with a plan to stop him.  She lures him in to a guitar shop and blasts him with the speakers.  With one monster down they to spin a web to trap another.  Spider-Ham shows the other Spiders where Norman Osbourne’s “Ceasar Chair” is.  The team learns Osbourne has been trying to manipulate the web energies in order to over throw Doom.  They realize it is really bad when a Thor shows up.  Overall I was disappointed Iin this story.  Venom was talking in the 1st person, and Spider-Ham reads like a moron.


Armor Wars #4

Thor Rhodes and his armored officers take down Kingpin and his armored thugs.  In the frey Rhodey uses the power of Thor to destroy Fisk’s suit.  With his dieing breath Fisk tells Rhodes that he did not kill Spyder-man.  Rhodes goes back to his precinct to look in to the video Peter’s suit captured at his death.  The video confirms his killer is non other than Barron Tony Stark.  Unfortunately for Rhodey his “friend” arrives to see the incriminating video.  After admitting to a slew of other murders, and partnering up with his brother, Tony executes Thor Rhodes.  The former War Machine, though, was smart enough to record it all and send it to Kiri.  Tony and Arno now face the wrath of two intelligent women with giant robots at their command.  Overall I was not surprised at all that Tony killed Peter.  I had suspectes that since the end of the first issue.  Really, though, this has been a boring predictable series.


Robin: Son of Batman #3

Robin and Nobody are on another “Year of the Blood” mission, trying to return another stolen artifact.  Robin is getting frustrated that Nobody keeps getting in the way.  When Nobody tries to use sonics to control Goliath she makes things worse.  Robin looses his cool, and the two throw down.  After having it out for a minute, and exchanging some blows, they start to relax.  With the tension snapped, and Goliath calmed down, they share an honest moment.  Nobody shares her name, Maya, with Damian.  Maya’s hightech boat comes ashore and she goes to prep it.  She has messages waiting for a job that Nobody is needed on.  Else where Talia is being revived to find the name of her son.  Unfortunatelly for them Talia comes back to life enough too knock them out.  Alive again she seeks out her son.  Back on the ship Damian convinces Maya that she doesn’t need to go, that she doesn’t need to follow in her father’s footsteps.  But will the message sender accept Nobody’s resignation?  Overall it feels like Damian is getting his own “Catwoman”.  Almost typical for the opposite sex rivals to end up falling in love.  But as a new series, so far it is pretty good.


Inferno #4

Illyanna has turned all of New York City in to a demon city.  Sheriff Strange comes down from on high, but not to stop Illyanna.  Rather he comes down to make her the new Barron because of Cyclops’ failures.  The X-men who didn’t go with Colossus are forced in to hiding in the sewer where they are attacked by demons.  Colossus and his team, along with the Goblin Queens forces, are fighting their way through the city when Boom-Boom finds them.  She wants to lead them to something they need to be aware of.  Before they can get there they end up in the battle with the other X-men.  Cyclops has it out with Colossus for causing all of this.  Their fight is interrupted by Mr Sinister.  Sinister healed Tabatha and made mutant/demon clones.  Illyanna’s madness has made for strange allies.  Overall this series doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere important.  Other than its tie to one of my favorite past events there really hasn’t been a lot interesting.


X-tinction Agenda #3

Rachel puts together a team to go to Genosha and get her people back.  With a huge fight leveling the city Simon and Rhane fall into a building they shouldn’t be in.  They find the Genoshan Genenginer working on reviving Hodge and Warlock.  Simon ends up falling into the alien tech that starts transforming him.  The Genenginer reveals he created the plague with plans on exterminating all mutants.  Longshot comes through with the X-men he rescued and enters the fight.  The doctor meets a grisly end, but it comes to late.  Cameron Hodge is back, bigger than ever.  Overall it was an all out action issue.  Yet they managed to drive the story through all of it.  I am actually excited to everyone throw down against Hodge in the next issue.

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