August 26th Comicbook Review

I’m changing my format up a little.  As I learn more about what I’m doing with this review section I want to continue to adjust and improve.  Each week I put what issues I got in order I’m most excited to read.  From that I review the top 8.  This weeks review is my most diverse I’ve had with 2 Marvel, 2 DC, 2 Valiant, 1 Image and 1 IDW.  It was definetly a hard week to decide in what order I was going to read everything.


Grayson #11

Grayson shows up to stop his doppelganger from killing his partner.  He starts off the fight joking, trying to guess who it really is.  The jokes stop when his double mentions details that no one else should know.  Dick starts getting his ass handed to him; coupled with a mental assault that shakes him to the core.  Grayson starts to question who he really is.  Before he looses himself completely Agent 1 tears out his hypnos to see who they are really fighting.  He can’t believe who it really is, and even lies to Helena to protect their identity.  Unsure of himself Dick quits; which is exactly what the real baddies wanted.  Overall this issue ROCKED!  I loved the humor at the begining.  I loved Grayson starting to question everything.  And I love that the spy game didn’t stop when Dick quit.


Old Man Logan #4

Logan is fighting zombies on the other side of the Shield.  He starts to question his reality when he finds another survivor to reafirm all is real.  She-Hulk has been there fighting, and all she wants is some junk food.  They decide to try and find a way out together.  When it looks like there are too many zombies to be handeled, Jen grabs Logan and they leap out od the fight.  The wall is to high for a Hulk to leap out, but maybe if Jen jumps high enough she can throw Logan the rest of the way.  Logan crash lands in a city, but what district is he in now?  Overall this was an issue of Logan cutting up zombies.  Another district experienced, but not much of a story.  Luckily the art makes up for a large part of the lack of a relevant story.


Teen Titans #11

Red Robin escapes Black’s apartment with Raven.  In order to prove Super Boy’s innocence they have to break in to the super villain prison in Metropolis.  Red Robin develops a plan to get them in.  Beast Boy plants a virus to give them access to the doors, Robin and Chimera go inside lock up, and Bunker stays back to protect the still weak Raven.  There target is the villain Despero.  But when Red and Chimera step in to lock up they learn the prisoners are free of their cells.  The two fight their way through Gen Pop down to where Despero is at.  As they get to their target Super Boy drops in, litteraly.  Overall it was a well constructed issue.  Developed plot, questions addressed, concerns noted, and fantstic art.  Teen Titans is one of the best books out right now.


Spawn #255

Spawn listens to Satan’s offer.  Give up the symbiote and in exchange Wanda, and him, will be alive and human again.  Spawn’s answer is to mutilate Satan’s messanger.  He sends her back with a message of his own, Spawn is coming for Satan.  Al then attends Wanda’s funeral.  After he shows up in Terry’s room asking for details on the night Wanda died.  Al plans to hunt down everyone involved, and make them pay.  Satan’s messanger returns to deliver Spawn’s message.  Overall it felt like a quick issue be cause the story was so tight.  I’m liking the attitude of Al/Spawn.  He is matured and wiser to Hell’s ways.


Civil War #3

The two infiltration teams start their missions off shaky.  Spider-Man and his infiltration team start with the death of Elektra.  Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Venom fight through Iron robots to the control.  Doc Oc’s arms have taken over the King Pin’s body.  They operate the security systems with the body as a host.  The fight is ended quickly when Venom, revealed to be Clint Barton, shoots Daredevil’s stick -that Elektra had- into Fisks head.  She-Hulk, in human form, passes a psyscan by Professor X.  Jen assumes she is clear, but Speed-Ball recognizes her and starts to tail her.  Jen follows the signal of the sniper back to find Bullseye sitting in an apartment.  Before she can do anything Punisher Officer Speed-Ball confronts her.  Jen ends up captured and staring at someone she knew to be dead.  Overall this was the best issue, so far, of Civil War.  Some good twists and turns.  Parker has a life realization upon returning from his mission that states the emotion of the overall story.  A well done issue.


TMNT: Casey and April #3

Casey joins April in the trailer Labyrinth.  Both have to face elements of themselves from their past.  Chasing their pasts leads them back together.  They talk out some of their problems.  Finally when their is no other choice left to them they embrace the labyrinth and dive in.  When they hit the floor they find themselves face to face with their captor.  Overall as an exploration in the psyche of these two characters it was awesome.  But at one point I remembered they were on a mission for the Turtles.  What happened with that?  As a solo issue it is great.  As far as the story they started with I’m not sure about their direction.


Ninjak #6

Ninjak tracks his second member of the Shadow Seven to South France.  Being there flashes him back to his visit there after finding out his parents were spies.  He uses his knowledge of the area, mastery of the dialect,  and charm to get the location of his target.  What starts to look a little to easy turns out to be a true challenge.  Ninjak’s target turns all of his spy tech against him.  Colin has to ditch the toys and go old school ninja.  With another member of the Shadow Seven in MI-6 custody Colin has bought himself another month without interference.  Overall it was a cool spy story.  I liked that he had to ditch the spy gadgets and rely on skill.  While reading I realized this was my second spy book.  Different from Grayson, but both good.  I guess I have a taste for ninja spy stories.


Book of Death: The Fall of Ninjak

Colin is now very old.  His body has been through battles, and it shows.  Livewire comes to him presenting a plan she has for Japan.  She intends to launch Japan into space to save it from the wars.  Ninjak knew of the plans, and doesn’t support Livewire’s vision.  Livewire thinks he has no one to help him stop the launch.  However, he has his ninja students, and Gin-Gr.  His students is how he knew of the plan, and Gin-Gr is is going to help him exploit it’s weakness.  Ninjak and Gin-Gr launch into space and stop the island from entering orbit. Unfortunately it comes at the cost of their lives.  Overall I was elated to see old Ninjak has ditched the tech and is all about the skill.  The enlightenment Colin shows in his old age is what I expected of the character.  As fas as the story it is a nice story, nothing mind blowing.  But for a “Death” book it was well done.

It was an awesome week of books, and I hope my reviews relayed that.  Weeks like this is what keeps me reading.  My other titles not making the review list are: Cyborg #2, Fight Club 2 #4, Deadpool’s Secrer Secret Wars #4, Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #1, X-men ’92 #3, Magneto #21, and E for Extinction #3.  If you are interested in my thoughts on any of these titles leave a comment or send me a message.  @NathanFandom.

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