August 5th Comicbook Review


Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #3

The twins tour each teams tree house.  In the X-men tree house they go on an ice roller coaster, get fastball special-ed by Colossus, turned into mutants by Beast, and go through a training session in the Danger Room.  Then in the Avenger tree house they get de-mutated, visit Asgard, bypass Captain America’s workouts, and fail at operating Iron Man’s twin mind designed armor.  The explosion of the armor launches them into the sky where they bump into Galactus and Thanos.  And another team sees them and wants them to join; the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Overall just a fun read.  The jokes, combined with the art, will make you smile from the page 1 through the end.  All ages can enjoy this series, and will find something to love.


Outcast #11

The evil gentleman visits the reverend to tell him to stop what he is doing with Kyle.  The reverend tells him he is not afraid because he is watched over.  Later on, as he prays over his dinner he tries to convince himself that he is watched over.  Kyle’s sister comes to get him from his ex-wife’s house.  As he is leaving his daughter comes out, and through the conversations we learn that it was “mom” who went crazy.  As they drive off Kyle’s sister tries to get him to talk about what really happened.  At home Kyle’s niece gets out of bed because “there’s a dog in the house”.  Her dad puts her back to bed, and then we see the growling is coming from Kyle’s sister.  Overall I just have to say “Damn you, Kirkman!” My heart was breaking with the interaction between Kyle and his daughter.  Cannot wait to find out what really happened, and what the evil gentleman’s roll is.


Groot #3

Groot hitches a ride with the Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood to continue looking for Rocket.  When his tracker fizzles out they are at a loss of what to do.  They see a cosmic storm about to hit a planet and intervene.  Groot and Dawn save the locals while Norrin stops the storm.  But the storm is actually a bad guy looking for power to siphon.  Norrin struggles in the fight and the locals and Groot save him.  In thanks the locals fix Groot’s tracker and give him a ship.  Overall I loved the writing; they got Dawn and the Surfer right.  As far as the art: I loved the use of pictures inside “I am Groot” to explain what he is saying.  However, I did not like the freckles drawn on Dawn; a little nit picky on my part.  The overall message of the issue is great, and I love what they have done is only 3 issues.


Broken World #3

Elena gets a less than warm welcome on arriving at the camp.  The leader at the camp is the same officer who kept her off of the shuttle.  She wants to gather her things, and leave.  But in order for the kids to stay she needs to do something for him first.  She needs to go undercover to the Children of the Revelation camp.  They have a radio that can reach the ships and call for a rescue.  Upon arriving she finds the man with the radio is the same man who gave her the not perfect forgeries to get on the shuttle.  He explains how he ended up with the religious group, and offers to introduce her to their leader, Ted Holmes.  Ted Holmes was the man convincing everyone that couldn’t get on a shuttle to commit suicide.  Elena isn’t to happy when she meets the man that convinced many to kill themselves, yet didn’t do the same.  Her reaction might get her in a little trouble though.  Overall the story has slowed down a little.  Still intriguing, but not as compelling as the first couple of issues.  There is a lot of potential out there, and I have no reason to believe that they will not expand on it.


Civil War #2

After the death of Maria Sharpe both leaders have gone back to their sides.  Stark launches a drone to follow the path of the shooter, but Storm short circuits its flight.  Meanwhile Rogers checks on weapon “Bellcurve” that Beast has been working on.  Bellcurve is a de-powering weapon.  Stark sends She-Hulk to go I der cover, and pick up the trail the drone was on.  Rogers sends a covert team, headed by Spider-man, into the Iron to retrieve materials for Bellcurve.  Upon arriving in the Iron, Parker’s team is attacked by Iron Man Sentinels.  And when Jen reaches Steel City with forged papers, she is encountered with one last scan, by Professor Xavier.  Overall it was an alright issue.  I find it interesting that it is Stark who is looking for the shooter, and Rogers who is developing weapons.  I do love the art in this series, by far the best part so far.


Age of Apocalypse #2

The X-men are taking on the Elite Mutant Force, and Douglas Ramsey is our commentator.  The X-men strike some heavy blows, and mentally take out Cyclops.  Blink gets Doug out of harm and the team back to their hold.  The X-mansion is destroyed, but the tunnels underneath are intact.  Elsewhere Beast and his friend continue their experiments.  Sabertooth visits Angel’s club, and hunts down Sheriff Danvers.  And Essex and Abyss meet with Apocalypse.  Overall Doug’s commentary on the truth of what is being said gives the deeper picture of what is going on.  The story is OK, but like Civil War what I love is the art.  It is a good throw back to the 90’s larger than life style of art that I fell in love with.

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