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September 9th Comicbook Review

I am so stoked going into this week, but a little sad.  And it all stems from 1 issue.  This will be the last issue of Rebels which has been one of the best titles I have ever read.  I hope it lives up to all of the hype I just gave it.  I also get some of my current favorite titles this week; Outcast, Giant Size Little Marvel AvX, and Ninjak.  There were quite a few #1s this week,…

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September 2nd Comicbook Review

So I have got to be honest: as I started looking through what is coming out this week (alphabetically) I was thinking, exasperated, “It is gonna be one of those weeks”.  By the time I finished the list, and my list subsequently, my attitude had changed.  Maybe I shouldn’t make preconceived notions while I am still in the B’s.  What I thought was gonna be a week of “I guess I gotta pick where to start.”  turned into “I JUST…

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August 26th Comicbook Review

I’m changing my format up a little.  As I learn more about what I’m doing with this review section I want to continue to adjust and improve.  Each week I put what issues I got in order I’m most excited to read.  From that I review the top 8.  This weeks review is my most diverse I’ve had with 2 Marvel, 2 DC, 2 Valiant, 1 Image and 1 IDW.  It was definetly a hard week to decide in what…

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August 19th Comicbook Reviews

Silk #6 Silk is being tortured by her captor.  In an effort to keep him talking, while she tries to get free, he mentions her family.  Her Iinterest peaked she starts asking what he knows.  He divulges that people were watching her every move in the bunker.  Cindy frees herself, but before she learns anymore Black Cat busts in.  Felicia beats the guy, and causes the roof to colapse on him.  Silk is very POed that Black Cat ruined her…

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August 12th Comicbook Review

Rebels #5 We join our hero, Mr Abbott, on the “Noble Train of Artillery” trail.  It is rough travels in the winter snows, and they are behind schedule.  Major General Henry Knox has a chat with Mr Abbott that results in Abbott telling him to stay out of the way, and his men will get the cannons to Boston.  When they arrive in Roxbury Massachusetts on January 25th they are relieved of the cannons.  Mr Abbott is asked to sign…

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August 5th Comicbook Review

Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #3 The twins tour each teams tree house.  In the X-men tree house they go on an ice roller coaster, get fastball special-ed by Colossus, turned into mutants by Beast, and go through a training session in the Danger Room.  Then in the Avenger tree house they get de-mutated, visit Asgard, bypass Captain America’s workouts, and fail at operating Iron Man’s twin mind designed armor.  The explosion of the armor launches them into the sky…

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July 29th Comicbook Review

Black Widow #20 In the present Natasha is trying to help save people from the end of the world.  In the past we see the rest of Black Widow’s first mission for the Red Room.  Black Widow does what she was trained to do.  When her mission is over, unfortunately, so is this series.  Overall this was a fantastic ending to a fantastic series.  The details of the story weren’t exactly important.  What the story did, though, was show the…

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July 22nd Comicbook Review

Grayson #10 Grayson flees the scene, leaving his partner behind.  The director tells him to make the drop as planned.  Agent 1 is able to get away from the scene and asks to go after Dick.  The director instead sends him on a mission in Italy.  At the drop site Grayson learns that he is supposed to make the drop to Lex Luthor.  He obviously doesn’t think this is a good idea, so he makes a dramatic exit.  Not knowing…

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July 15th Comicbook Review

Moon Knight #17 There is a shelter bringing in homeless that has room for everyone.  The catch is those that come in just have to do their part.  Moon Knight investigates and finds that it is being run in the name of khonshu.  A creepy lady claims to be another disciple of the God of Night Travelers, but her interpretations are different.  Moon Knight says she is wrong, and he will stop her.  But if she is right in her…

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July 8th Comicbook review

Descender #5 The scrappers take Tim and the others to Gnish.  Driller, the bot dog, and the soldier are sent to the pits to fight for their lives.  Tim, the captain, and the Doctor Quon are taken to be tortured for information.  They want to know the secrets of the Tim-bots and the Harvesters.  But can Dr Quon tell them what they want before they torture him to much?  Overall this world keeps growing into something more and more interesting….