Avengers: Age of Ultron review

Since I will not be on the next couple of episodes I won’t be able to share my thoughts verbally on a lot of the subjects.  Here is a special post  (because it was so big).

Avengers: Age of Ultron

I will try and be as spoiler free as I can, but in order to give a review I have to mention some things. So if you want to wait until you see it to read this I will totally understand. Thursday I was uber stoked to know I would be seeing Avengers that night. Then personal life got in the way and had me feeling frustrated much of the afternoon and evening. Frustrated enough that I almost didn’t go because my excitement I had felt earlier was gone. I only tell you this to frame what state of mind I was in for the movie, and that I think it shaped my initial experience of the film. With all of that said I loved the movie. However, I didn’t feel like watching straight away like I did after the first Avengers movie. With the 1st one I would have literally bought another ticket and watched it again if it hadn’t been the midnight showing. And that is only because there was no 2:30 AM showing.


Things I loved about the movie:

Let’s start at the beginning. As in the ending of Agents of SHIELD said “Time to call in the Avengers.” and then the movie started with what Agent Coulson said to call them in for.

*SPOILER* I loved the love dance going on between Banner and Romanoff. I never considered the two of them together, but the way it was done it makes perfect sense. I hope that they can make it work, someday.

I loved that we got to see War Machine and Falcon have their parts, and Selvig being back in the fold.

I loved that they finally officially referenced Wakanda, and that they introduced Klaw.

I found it clever/fitting the way they explained the twins having powers since they can’t have mutants. Damn (language) you FOX!

I hated/loved that, true to form, Joss killed one of them off in an impactful way. I hate that one of them died, but I love the emotions Joss can create in me during a 2 hour movie.

Speaking of emotions I definitely loved the humor. I like movies like Dark Knight, but they can be so brooding at times. These Marvel movies have their impactful moments, and they have their light hearted moments. As someone who never tries to take things too seriously I find the humorous moments to be more realistic. As realistic as you can be in these kind of movies.

The thing I loved the most was what they did with Hawkeye. From the bomb he drops on his team regarding his personal life. To the talk on the roll he plays on the team, and why he is relevant among all these “super” beings. Hawkeye’s best moment was during his speech to Scarlet Witch; culminating in the “If you step out the door you are an Avenger.” line. In it he is talking about the situation they are in fighting robots (among other things) and says “And I’m a guy with a bow and arrow.” Thank you Joss for showing all the doubters why Hawkeye is worthy of being an Avenger.


Things I disliked about the movie:

Disclaimer. I am one of those hard core, want everything true to the source material kind of persons. But as Jordan has pointed out to me, in a help to change my approach to these movies, the MCU is not Earth-616. The MCU is Earth-1999999999 (not positive how many 9s). It is a different universe. Like the Age of Apocalypse universe, or the Ultimates universe. This has helped me accept the changes better, but I still hate certain changes. Like Shadowcat and Ice Man being involved when in every universe Shadowcat and Colossus are a couple, but I digress.

*SPOILER* I did not like the “humor” side of Ultron. I know, I know, I said I love the humor. From Ultron, though, it doesn’t fit. His character is a cold, calculating “machine” that thinks the best solution for humanity is for them to be cold, calculating “machines” like him. Funny Ultron, not as intimidating of an enemy.

While we are on the subject of Ultron I hate that Henry Pym was not involved at all in the creation of Ultron. Since the history of Ultron, in most every verse, is Pym creating or helping create Ultron. Especially since in a few months we will be seeing Henry Pym make his appearance in the MCU. I know this is a different verse, but at least pay a little homage to the history of the character.

*SPOILER* I hate that Baron Von Strucker was killed off. He has had his mentions in Agents of SHIELD, and in general is a great Cap villain. Having him now dead in the MCU and not being able to have more stories with him is aggravating.

I hate the way Vision looks. This is one of those why? changes. If you are still going to have Vision multicolored, why change those colors? The fanboy in me would have squealed with delight to see Vision with the same coloring he has had in the comics. Those are the changes that bother me when adapting from source material to movie/TV. If I can see the reason for the change I will forgive it (mostly). But when you change it for no reason I am mad. *cough* Human Torch *cough*

I very much so was disappointed that Pepper Potts and Jane Foster were not seen in the movie, only mentioned. This is probably due to conflicts with other films they are doing. But how awesome would it have been to see the two lovely ladies with their superhero boyfriends during the party. Even funnier if they had actually been standing there while Tony and Thor tried to one-up each other about their girlfriends.


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