The Best PokeTrainers in the Fandomverse

Ultimate Pokemon Trainer Teams

In the Pokemon cartoon Ash Ketchum decides that he is going to be the very best Pokemon trainer ever and sets out at the ripe old age of 10 to travel the country catching and training Pokemon, and well if he seems a little young that’s because he is, but along the way he meets up with other Pokemon trainers and they each use their individual talents to become an amazing team, tonight we are going to try to outdo their team by reaching across the FandomVerse to build our own teams of trainers.  We want to know which of these teams you would choose to be the very best!

Jeff – Reid Richards, Darryl Dixon, Hank Pym, Brian Mills from Taken (Liam Neeson)

Branden – Cyclops,  Hagrid, Sally Fae Viera, Alfred J Pennyworth

Nik – Professor Challenger, Kraven, Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer)/ Princess Pantha,  Dora Marquez

Fandoms Referenced:

The Lost World
The Walking Dead
Ant Man
X-Men 542
Harry Potter
The Grimnoir Chronicles
The Dog Whisperer
Dora the Explorer

Random Fandom:

Children of the Lampone of the first books that Jeff chose to read
So You Want To Be a Wizard – one of the first books that Branden chose to read
Shanara Chronicles – One of Nik’s books that he attempted to read as a child, but is now on Netflix
Harry Potter – The books that were successful in Getting Nik to Read as he got older
Comics and Graphic Novels – Nik’s Gateway drug to reading


Top News

NES Classic is a great way to play classic games on new TV’s.  Coming out in November of 2016

Emma Watson’s Successful Box Office Flop of “The Colony”

New Fox Show set in X-Men Universe in addition to FX’s Legion

Pokemon Go Takeover

  • Hoaxes / Central Park Vaporeon – Most of the current News Stories are actually hoaxes
  • SDCC Panel – Moved to Hall H because of all of the Hype
  • Etiquette – Don’t Trespass and have some personal responsibility
  • Making Lots of money.  Apple / Google 30% – Niantic 30% – Nintendo 40% ($1.6 Million Daily)
  • Pokemon Gone – Chrome Extension

Wrap Up

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