Binge-Watch: How Netflix is like your Mother

For a long time we have had the ability to binge-watch TV shows, but really it has only been the past few years with the improvements to streaming services where society has made binge watching shows a social norm.  We go a little old school and talk about some of our first experiencing binge watching shows and then move on to more modern day experiences.  We talk about how the culture of binge watching has changed TV production, from Netflix originals to CW shows and cable productions.  Be sure to bring a friend and strap in for a fun discussion.

Boy Wonder Trivia

Last Week: Which Jedi Actor is the real life nephew of the actor who played Wedge Antilles?

Ewan McGregor

This Week: What are the 3 things Cogsworth says you can do to win a ladies heart?

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Star Trek 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Ghost Rider, Blade, and Moon Knight netflix series

Karl Urban Thor Ragnarok – Skurge the Executioner

Vincent DNofrio not in Spiderman Home Coming


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