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For most things in the world when you go on a Binge it is a bad thing, but in the Fandomverse going on a Binge is common and relaxing. So why is it okay to binge TV but not food or drink? What makes something bingeworthy and what are the different kind of binges that people go on? We talk about all of this and much more on this week’s episode.

Binge: a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess, especially drinking alcohol or eating. “he went on a binge and was in no shape to drive” synonyms: drinking bout, debauch; binge drinking, predrinking; informal bender, session, sesh, booze-up, beer-up, souse, drunk, blind; informal skite; informal jag, toot; informal grog-on; informalboozeroo; vulgar slangpiss-up; literary bacchanal, bacchanalia; archaic wassail, fuddle, potation

“after a midweek game in London, the two lads went on a two-day binge” spree, unrestrained bout, orgy;

informal splurge

“a shopping binge”

What is the Last Media That you’ve Binged?
    3 Below / Daniel The Tiger’s Neighborhood / PJ Masks
    Sex Education
    Young Justice

What Makes something Bingeable?

What Makes something Bingeworthy?
    How Well You know it
    Background Binge Vs. Overly Obsessive Binge Disorder ( Focus Binge Disorder)

Is it just TV Shows that are Bingeable?
    Podcasts – The Podcast Intersect
    Movies – MCU Binges
    Books – Audio Books Background Focused Binges
    Comic books – Trades vs Single Issues

How do you recover from a Binge?

Fandomaniac thoughts

Lena English Binge worthy? That’s tough cause it depends on what I’m doing. I love to listen to books while I’m driving, watch TV shows while I’m cleaning, and listen to podcasts at work (when I can).

Joe Darowski Podcasts and audiobooks might be the easiest to binge because you can do some other tasks simultaneously

John Irons Shows on Netflix. I literally don’t have to do anything, and another one just starts automatically. I’ve watched more than one mediocre show just because it was too much effort to reach for the remote.

Roger Prows Marvel Netflix

Amy Murray Friends, Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, All Star Wars, Back to the Future,


Jared Elder So the last podcast you guys talked about your favorite fandoms and what it means to you. Different fandoms and where they can be found. Really everywhere! The chess club could be your fandom. Anywhere you go to find solace and friendship. So what are your guys’ top 3 fandoms! Think out of the box!

Patrick S R Clark
    1. Tabletop RPGs. DMing one campaign right now, playing in another, wish I had time for more.
    2. Strength training. I’m not progressing as quickly as I’d like, but I’m becoming increasingly obsessed.
    3. Hero pulps. Doc Savage, the Shadow, Tarzan, Dorus Noel, Solomon Kane, and on and on. Modern SF grew out of the pulp era. And a lot of modern media owes its existence to the broad range of material published then, even well outside the stuff I read.

The William The Second – Stranger Danger

Hi guys! And new person (insert suspicious Fry meme)… …oh! She likes Buffy, then she’s okay with me! And Veronica Mars! Sweet. When I first heard of Veronica Mars I assumed it was another The OC, 90210, Party of Five, etc. Then, years later, I somehow ended up watching the movie and it was FANTASTIC! I was SO disappointed that I didn’t watch the series when it was on TV. I still haven’t seen the series, though. 🙁 I, William The Second, The First Patron, do hereby declare that Taylor is a Lumberjack. //D-did that joke go through? I was trying to make a joke. Monty Python. “He’s a lumberjack and //he’s okay!” or in this case she’s okay…Get it? …No, huh? Sigh, Jeff would have gotten it. Fandoms can big (Comics) or small (disc golf). They can be generic (art) or specific (Rarity Pony from MLP).

So long as it makes you happy (and doesn’t hurt others), then go enjoy your thing!

What I’m watching: I’m actively watching The Good Place and The Rookie and I’m enjoying both of them very much, but spoilers [highlight to reveal]: I’m annoyed that I called the entire premise of the first season of Good Place before watching a single episode, it just felt way too much like the Halloween Got Milk Commercial. I’m chewing through Titans and its a tough swallow. I’ve seen six episodes of Young Justice Outisders and I’m pretty disappointed. Dick has been dropping the ball, and both his personality and animation model seem off. I recently finished “How not to summon a Demon Lord”, it was funny, but the amount of “boob physics” in the show got annoying. (apologies Taylor) Good grief even the big bad had armored boobs that jiggled. The armor jiggled! [eye roll] I still recommend Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (eventually someone will watch it!). It’s not that scary Nik. Honestly its not any scarier than Buffy. I’ll see you all next show!

Let us know what you’re binging! And Until Next Time: May the Fandom Be With You!

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