Bonus Ep4 – International Podcast Day 2015

September 30th is International Podcast Day.  Hey why not?  Pancakes have a day, talking like a pirate has a day, why can’t Podcasts have a day?  So Branden jumps into a fandom that makes the Fandom Podcast possible… Podcasts!  you get a little bit of history and then Branden tells you about his setup and what he listens to. And remember if you have a podcast that you love, make sure to share it

2 thoughts on “Bonus Ep4 – International Podcast Day 2015

  1. GIzWiz. . . you missed the Weekly Daily GizWiz on your list of podcasts. Dick DeBartolo a LONG time writer for Mad Magazine with Chad Johnson, a ex-Twit YouTuber host a podcast that is kinda about gadgets, more about having fun with Technology. Best “Watched” as a video podcast rather than listened to.

  2. I have a bunch off really good podcasts. Some of the ones I love. The Big Blue Box (doctor who podcast) Locked on Jazz (Utah Jazz with David Locke) Wrigleyville (Chi Cubs Podcast) SuperEgo (sketch comedy) Doug Love Movies (Comedy Game Show with Doug Benson) a couple WWE wrestling cast from YouTube. I listen to some Martial Arts podcast as I teach Martial Arts of coarse the Fandom Podcast.

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