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The hardest part of this last week’s episode for me was limiting myself to one fan theory.  I ended up choosing a more jovial theory revolving around Pinky and The Brain, but I had so many on tap.  After listening to the episode I wanted to share some of the other theories that were floating around in my head. Its not quite 12,000 words but it makes you think.

Harry Potter:

We all know that Harry was originally sorted into Slytherin, but consider this theory for a minute.  Ron was initially sorted into Hufflepuff and Hermione was originally sorted into Ravenclaw.  Why did they end up in Gryffindor then?  They decided to be, after all Hufflepuffs are loyal and loving, and Ravenclaws are intelligent and curious, but Gryffindors are Brave and being brave is a choice.  After all Peter Petigrew was sorted into Gryffindor and yet he remained a spineless traitor till his dying day. Those three young wizards embodied the best of the entire wizarding world and were able to take down Voldemort and the death eaters working together

Star Wars:

Chewbacca and R2-D2 were part of the Rebel Alliance well before Episode 4 and were responsible for Han and Luke meeting. The biggest evidence for this comes from the cartoons, but considering that Princess Leia was a rebel and chose R2-D2 to carry her message it makes sense that R2 was a member of the alliance, and since neither he nor Chewbacca can speak neither of them have denied it.  If I were a rebel leader I would definitely want to make sure that a smuggler and ace pilot as good as Han Solo could be used as an asset, and place an agent close to him to utilize those abilities.


There’s a theory from some comic book that Superman doesn’t have the powers of flight, super strength, invulnerability, heat vision, etc.
He only has super psychokinetic abilities. That is, he can move stuff with his mind. It only manifests as his powers. This would explain why he can pick up, say, a cruise ship. If you rested a cruise ship on a point as small as a person, it would break in half. Superman, though, is lifting the whole thing with his mind powers, so the force is distributed throughout, so it’s not concentrated. His mind interprets his desire to push with his muscles and so forth as demands for the psychic power and fills in with psychokinetic response, like a phantom limb, a la The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton. So Superman essentially has unlimited psychokinetic potential (or he has no real understanding of what it is) but it’s limited by his own personally imagined limitations. Since he doesn’t know the nitty gritty details of how his powers work this would mean that the ability is instinctual.

The Matrix:

Consider this twist, The Machines are actually the good guys of the Matrix universe. They were horribly mistreated by humanity, and humanity even tried to wipe them out by blocking out the sun, and yet despite it all, the Machines actually saved humanity by plugging them into the Matrix. Even in the movies, it’s stated that they tried to create a paradise for humanity, and as we all know, the “battery” theory makes no sense at all, so I can only conclude that the Machines wanted to spare humanity from the bleak “desert of the real” that humanity had created. And I mean, even looking at the behavior of the Machines, the only one who displays any real malevolence toward humanity is Agent Smith, and even the other Machines think Smith is out of line by obsessing over his hatred of humanity. If they really hated humanity, shouldn’t Smith’s behavior be considered normal?

The Last Airbender:

For those of you who love the cartoon Avatar the Last Airbender, the live action movie The Last Airbender probably left a sour taste in your mouth.  Where the cartoon had nuanced themes that both old and young could enjoy at different levels the movie was definitely tailored more towards the young leaving the adults high and dry when it came to any substance.  However this Fan theory explains it all. If you remember in the last book of the cartoon Ang spends some time on Ember Island with Zuko and the rest of his crew, and at one point they go to see a play put on by the Ember Island Players and the play depicted the story that Ang had been living with some changes in propaganda and all of the nuance removed, the Fan Theory is that the Live action movie wasn’t actually an adaptation of the cartoon, it was an adaptation of the Ember Island Players Play.  Now it all makes sense.

Your Theories:

What are your favorite Fan Theories. Send us an email to, post something to us on Facebook, or Twitter and we’ll read it on our recording.  I do want to give a big shout out to all of those who are listening, and reading this stuff, it’s great to see that people download our episodes and read our writings as we are beginning to figure all of this new media stuff out.

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