Breaking Down SDCC 16

SDCC Breakdown

The gang is back together to talk about the news from SDCC that we found interesting from Star Trek to Voltron, and a few tidbits from Marvel and DC.  Guess what though… Nik and  Jeff watched trailers while Branden advocated not watching trailers, welcome to the twilight zone.

Star Trek Discovery

Justice League Trailer

Will Aquaman be another Horror film from James Wan?

Wonder Woman

Captain Marvel Brie Larsen

Ghost Rider

Hulk Gladiator Armor or is it?

Daredevil and Jessica Jones Not until 2018

Random Fandom

Mike Bennett wrote in about the magazine that got him reading Science Fiction because of the social implications, but he picked it up because of the cover art (Check the Album art’s top right corner to see it.  If you have a geek moment, or fandom that you want to share with us be sure to reach out to us at or


My name is Mike Bennett and I am a nerd.

It is not a genetic defect or the product of radiation poisoning or even being kidnapped by aliens. It is a choice I made.

I learned to love reading thanks to a teacher in junior high school. I read mysteries, westerns, adventures, even science fiction. I did not read romances. Give me a break. It was 1969, I was 16 and only girls would read those.

I was trying to find something to do for a boring weekend. I was looking at the magazine rack and saw this book. “Science fiction Analog” June 1969. On the cover was a hand with six fingers and a thumb. I was interested. It was only sixty cents. I got it. I was transported to worlds I never thought of before. I was faced with concepts of social responsibility and personal integrity. It showed me the world I lived in threw different eyes.

I was sixteen. What would I know about that stuff? Girls had just come on the radar so I was at that awkward age between kid, house plant and not yet real human. Because I read the stories in that book I turned the corner and started reading science fiction. It took issues of the day and drew a caricature in the form of an alien planet instead of a country. A strange creature instead of some political figure or super star. You say in the story things you could not say in the everyday world. Then out of the clear blue I saw the Hobbit. I now have over 500 books in my collection most are older than the people listening to this podcast.

Reading is not a substitute for living your life. Reading will enhance your experience and your life. You will grow as a person. Reading is an enhancement not a replacement for getting out and living life. Get out and find what life is all about. I have been collecting and reading books for over fifty years. I love to read and I also love living my life.

Why this story? I had that book in 1969 but it did not last. I have no idea what happened to it. I found it on Amazon and bought two copies, One so I can let my kids and friends read it and one to keep safe. I was excited and pleased to have found an old friend once again. Books can open your eyes to new understanding and new ideas. Just chose your books carefully.

Just keep your eye open for the man with six fingers and a thumb. He is not our friend.

Top News

Geoff Johns becomes President of DC Entertainment –

Pokemon Go Update / Pokevision shutdown

Cursed Child is last Harry Potter Story –


After recording last week my Grandma passed away and I’m extremely grateful to the listeners who sent me emails letting me know that they were keeping me in their thoughts and sending me sympathy.  Thank you so much it meant a lot during a tough time.

Pokemon Trainer Teams

Jared Elder: Okay on my team I would have Indiana Jones, because he can find anything, and he is an archeologist. Second would be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, Bobba Fett. Yes he might disintegrate some things, but you can count on him to find it.

When asked which trainer he would choose he said

I really was surprised with Dora the explorer. But everyone had on their list dr who and didn’t call it out, I loved Nik’s list for originality, Jeff for strength characters, but I think Branden K Ushio takes the cake with the most well rounded ones. West to go Branden.

Amy Champion: I would pick a Hufflepuff because they are particularly good FINDERS!

(Has anyone else seen A Very Potter Musical?! 😂)

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