The Case of the Shrinking TV Seasons

Shrinking TV Seasons

The Fall TV season is starting up and that got me thinking

How long exactly is a season?

Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s it wasn’t uncommon for a season to have 35 episodes I Love Lucy even had new episode that aired on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Soon that changed to 22 Episodes which allowed for a mid season hiatus while still having enough episodes for quick syndication

The rise of the premium cable TV produced television created the 13 episode season so that shows could be cleanly tied up into quarterly income reports

but the need for diversification and getting new viewers to the network created the 10 episode season which allowed for 5 different shows to attract different audiences to the network.  This is primarily found on HBO, Starz and Showtime.

But as is the case for many internet businesses streaming sites changed the landscape again by not caring how many episodes are in the season, but by focusing completely on story telling, and using their shows as loss leaders to get subscribers to sign up for their catalog.

Random Fandom

This is usually the part where Leroy Jenkins yells out and we jump into the Random Fandom but since I am flying solo tonight we are going to hold on to the Random Fandom to give it the proper discussion that it deserves, if you have a Fandom that you would like us discuss go ahead and send it in to

It can be a book, movie, tv show, comic, podcast or any other thing that you have fanned out over. Send it in and tell us why you like it or make us figure it out by ourselves what is so good about it.

Geek News

I Signed up for CBS All Access and now Star Trek Discover has been Delayed

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Boxed copies of Titanfall 2 will not have any discs inside

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