Cash Grab News – Episode 174

Despite what the title of this episode is we at the Fandom Podcast firmly believe that the entertainment industry is about great story telling and the cash comes in because of that (Yes Jeff I will keep believing that.) Fandoms are the things that we love and the things that we hold close to our hearts. They are the things that make us who we are. You should have a fandom. If you don’t then find a one, and once you find one, embrace it.  Our news literally covers the range of Fuzzy Puppies to Fuzzy Puppy Stories, and oh yeah there’s Jared Leto too.

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Big News: The Animosity comic is getting a movie adaptation and we’re seeing lots of love going to independent books.

Under the Radar: Jim Carrey to play Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedge Hog Live Action/CGI film

Fuzzy Puppy: Kristen Ritter AKA AKA Jessica Jones will be making her directorial Debut in the next season 

Wildcard: Jared Leto has been cast to play Morbius in an upcoming Spider-verse film (without Spider-Man) 

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Until Next time: May the Fandom be with you.

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