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What Is Fandom? Episode 38

Fandom is a word that is used by many in many situations, but what exactly is it? How has it helped your life and how can it bring joy into so many people’s lives? This week we jump into the subject of fandom and talk about some real life super heroes and heroic acts that people have been able to perform. Sponsor: Links Galore!

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Episode 9 – Schrodinger’s Catwoman

This week we talk about the Japanese Festival, Conventions, and Comicbook Sales. But don’t forget It’s Mistah J’s 75th birthday and we spend the majority of the episode talking about him. Including our thoughts on Jared Leto. Our favorite incarnation of the Joker. What makes the Joker so popular. If we were in charge of a 3 act Joker film how would it go? Joker Nick Names. For the finale cure the Joker of his insanity, but you have to…

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Episode 4 – We Saved the Doctor

This week after a technical difficulty we talk TARDIS. We ask Austin why he hasn’t watched Doctor Who yet, and muddy the waters by trying to explain to him the best way to do it. After we scare Austin away we talk about which we would rather be, The Doctor, or one of his companions. Don’t forget that our Online Cosplay Contest is still going on. Tweet us or use the hashtag #FandomCosplayContest to enter to win one of several…