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Rom-Com’s worth watching – Ep 207

In this episode Nik, Tayler and Branden talk about some of their favorite Rom Com’s of all time.  There is some overlap in picks but the reasons are all so very different.  Join us as we talk about Time traveling rom-coms, Batman related Rom Coms and there is a Rom Com lurking in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our lists include: 10 Things I hate about you How to Lose a guy in 10 days Serendipity When Harry met Sally Kate…

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Episode 17 – Father of the Fandom Award

Happy Father’s Day! We all know that it is impossible to pick your favorite child, but what about your favorite Father? After covering E3 news, App Store dethroning of the King, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, and announce our Movie Time $25 Fandango gift card contest winner we make our arguments for our choices for the Father of the Fandom award. We were able to get an impartial guest judge Josh Chatterton to keep us in order and he deserve…

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Episode 16 – Egg Beaters and Plungers

Well it wouldn’t be a show if Jordan didn’t break the rules at least once, but you’re going to have to listen to find out where… And its a doosey.

6/1 Show Thoughts-TV Time!

Hi, hi, hi there! As always, make sure that you go and listen to the episode before reading this as it is in response to the episode. Not that there we really have to worry about spoilers with a podcast, but what I say won’t really make sense if you haven’t listened to the episode yet. We covered some of the shows we watched this past viewing season and it kind of turned from a season in review to generally…

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Episode 12 – Dumbledore is Expendable

This week on The Fandom Podcast we talk about the future of Super Heroes on TV, and point out that both men and women can be hateful on the internet. After that its off to the courthouse as we put Severus Snape on trial for the murder of Albus Dumbledore. Was it Murder or was it Loyalty? An inevitable argument breaks out, and Nathan and Branden manage to get a few words in. Links Supergirl Trailer – Legends of…

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Episode 11 – Mother’s Day Draft

Happy Mother’s Day! This episode is dedicated entirely to the Mothers in our lives, and we even get one of them to make an appearance! We cover really quickly some news from this week and then jump right into our Mother’s Day Draft. We each draft three of our favorite Mothers from across the Fandomverse onto our team and only you can decide who will win.