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Bonus: Causality Shift – Welcome to the Hawking

Has it been crazy for you? It’s been crazy for me.  Enjoy this episode of a project that I’ve been working on and had to put on hold based on time constraints.  Do you like it?  Should we keep going and add a few new crew members?   Enjoy Causality Shift Episode 1: Welcome to the Hawking

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News Roundup February 2019

This is the News Roundup for February 2018.  Three fandom news stories and a contest.  Do you want to win the contest?  Well listen to the rules at the end.   Rotten Tomatoes has changed its Ranking system Stranger things D&D Campaign Aquaman 2 release date Contest Fandom GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Every Day there will be a poll in the Facebook group ( You submit your winner and everyone who is correct will get a chance…

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The Man with the Golden Liver – Ep 197

Join Branden and Jeff to talk about this week’s news, and since its a week without Nik of course we have to talk about James Bond. News Sponsored by the sweet tones of the Uncanny Ryab   Call To Action Big News Spider-Verse is REALLY good Spider-Verse Spinoff Confirmed Under The radar Punisher Season 2 Happening Wild Card James Bond is a ‘Severe Alchoholic’ Fuzzy Puppy Lego Endgame Trailer What did we learn? Hurt Avengers…

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Reboots, Remakes and Sequels

It’s game week on the Fandom Podcast and we are focusing on Movie Remakes, Reboots, and Sequels. We play three rounds, The Sequel that Never Was, The Once and Future Reboot, and Remake Trivia. Upcoming Random Fandom Once more with Feeling, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6 episode 7.  Let us know what your thoughts are about the musical episode of Buffy by March 25th. Our Upcoming Schedule. Check us out at Wasatch Comic Con April 27th – 28th Utah…

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News: The Newest Disney Queen

News Episode 146: Now that Disney has officially purchased Every Property known to man, welcome your newest Disney Princess…. I mean Queen… Dr. Frankenfurter. News Sponsored by Joseph Disney buys Fox for $54.1 Billion Dollars Punisher Season 2 is announced Detective Pikachu release date May 10, 2019 Venom movie based on 90s comics Star Wars makes $220 Billion at the Box Office Angry internet trolls attack Star Wars’ Rotten Tomatoes score with an army of Droids.  Join the…

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NewsFlash: Disney Alters the Deal

Episode 140: Extra, Extra, Read (Or Listen) all about it! We have decided to change our format. We’ve found that our first 140 episodes were a bit meandering in length and discussion and so in order to mix things up a bit and based off of some listener feedback we are changing the format of our podcast to two episodes per week.  The first episode will be the news and the second will be the discussion. Let us know what you…

The Monster Draft
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The Monster Draft

Episode 138: Happy Halloween!  What do a bunch of scaredy cats do on to celebrate Halloween?  We bring on Tayler Iverson to tell us about all of the scary monsters into our Monster Draft. If you’re worried about getting scared during this episode…. don’t be, after all Nik and Branden are wusses, and Jeff was there too 😉 In the News Han Solo Movie gets an amazing Title (Thanks Clay!) Star Trek Discovery gets season 2 Dark Tower TV…

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TWD – Amy Loves Negan

Episode 137: This upcoming Sunday The Walking Dead returns to AMC to thrill, amaze and bore all of us!  Returning Champion, Amy Champion (Pun intended) joins us as Jeff leads the discussion this week about TWD. Who do we think will die, who do we want to die, possible storylines based on comics plus hunches and so much Love for Negan. In the News Mark Ruffalo live streamed Thor Doctor Who episodes shorter with changes Batman animated on BluRay 2018…

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Star Trek Shaped Hole in my Heart

Episode 136: Within weeks of each other Star Trek Discovery and The Orville premiered to audiences prompting the inevitable question, “Which one is the spiritual successor to Star Trek?” Join Nik, Branden, Jeff and the Uncanny Ryab (From the Nerd Dome Podcast) as we talk about the things that we like about each show, some of the things that we dislike and where we see these shows heading in the future.  Some of the topics include Fan Service, Point of View, Consequences…

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Neganing and Convention Tips

Episode 133 We’re headed to Salt Lake Comic Con, and we have a whole bag full of tricks that we’re going to share with you, and another bag of tricks that we have shared on other episodes.  Come learn the best ways to enjoy your Convention Experiences.  The Episode is broken up into Pre-Con Preparation, Con Experiences, and Post-Con cool down. FanX Survival Guides Jeff’s Super Awesome Battery Charging Case News Hellboy first look – David Bradley doing more 1st…