Charity through Wizarding

This is our Wizarding Dayz Charity episode.  We got a chance to go and have a good time at Wizarding Dayz, but not just have a good time, but support good causes.  We got a chance to talk to the charities involved a little bit about Fandoms and a lot about the good work they are doing.  We talked to Utah Foster Care, Millie’s Princess Foundation, Pack ‘N Pounce and Heroic Inc.    Make sure to read the rest of the post to see how you can get in touch with them.


Utah Foster Care – This organization helps children that are in a bad situation get out of it, and into a loving home.

Millie’s Princess Foundation – This organization was created after the founders’ lost their daughter to cancer and they help children with cancer.

Pack N Pounce – This is a no kill organization that trains and adopts out over 700 animals a year.

Heroic Inc – This group uses their fandom for good when they ‘Causeplay’ to help out local charities.

We will be back with a regular episode soon

We’re going to leave out our usual call to actions and just tell you to check out these charities and help out where you can.

Until Next time: May the Fandom Be With You

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